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Taylor Swift's relationships are never not high-profile, and that hasn't changed since she began dating actor Joe Alwyn in 2016. Don't think that just because they've been together for nearly four years that the gossip industry would stop making up nonsense about Swift: here are some recent bogus stories from the tabloid world that Gossip Cop has busted about the singer.

Last September, Life & Style claimed that Swift was pressuring Alwyn to propose to her through song lyrics. "Most of Taylor's friends are already married and starting families of their own," a supposed source told the magazine, adding that Alwyn was all for it and "just waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question." It's true that Swift is known for drawing on her personal life and relationships in her songwriting, especially for the two albums she's released since dating Alwyn, Reputation and Lover. But most of those songs are co-written with other songwriters, who were presumably not involved in pushing Alwyn to take the next step. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Swift, who assured us the story wasn't true.

In December, Star was pushing the opposite story: that Swift and Alwyn were taking a break. Another so-called "insider" told the tabloid that Alwyn was uncomfortable with Swift's level of fame: "he knows that everywhere he goes, people are looking at him and thinking, 'There's the guy who dates Taylor Swift.'" For this reason, the couple has apparently decided to take a break "to reflect on things and see where they're at... Everyone's hoping they'll come back stronger because of it." Gossip Cop dismissed the phony claim: just three days earlier, the "Love Story" singer had told Billboard in an interview that she wouldn't change anything about her life: "I've got my family. I've got my boyfriend. I've got my cats." Swift had also spent Thanksgiving with Alwyn in London. The story was clearly made up.

Despite how obviously fake the claim was, Gossip Cop busted another story from Star just two weeks later claiming that Swift and Alwyn were "back on" after resolving their relationship problems. It was a fairly obvious backpedal from the previous article, as the couple had been spotted just a few days after the earlier one was published holding hands at the New York Cats premiere. "Back on?" They were never "off" to begin with unless the tabloid is somehow trying to claim that their supposed "break" was just for a few days. They were never on a break.

Most recently, Heat reported just a couple of weeks ago that the couple were planning to get married in a north London pub. Swift "knows that Joe is much happier away from the spotlight and loves his quiet life in the UK," another shady source told the tabloid, going on to say that she knows the smaller wedding would be a letdown for her friends and family but that "she's hoping they can do a bigger celebration in the U.S. later instead." While Swift and Alwyn do spend a lot of time in London together, the idea that they're going to get married is completely unsubstantiated. No reliable news outlet has reported anything about an engagement. Gossip Cop also checked in with our source close to the couple and we were told the rumor was just insane. To that point, all these phony reports are insane.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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