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The Talk consists of a group of dynamic women, but Sharon Osbourne, who has been on the show since the beginning and is the eldest of the ladies, has been subjected to rumors that she doesn't get along with her fellow castmates. Gossip Cop has gathered a few rumors about Osbourne and her relationship with her co-host we’ve investigated. Here’s what we know.

Sharon Osbourne Drove Marie Osmond To Quit?

In September, the National Enquirer alleged that Sharon Osbourne was the reason Marie Osmond left. With the headline "Snide Sharon's Mouth Made Marie Flee ‘Talk,” the paper purported that Osbourne chased Osmond off the show. An insider revealed, “Marie thought the show would be fun and just a bunch of gals gabbing about their lives and whatnot, but she found out that was naive.” The source added Osbourne didn’t want Osmond “hogging the spotlight.” Gossip Cop quickly debunked the story. Marie Osmond dismissed the silly rumors that Osbourne was involved in her decision to leave. The singer also noted that she’s friends with Osbourne, which means the two don’t have any issues with each other.

Sharon And Marie Were Feuding?

In October, the Enquirer once again asserted that Osbourne drove Osmond to quit the show. This time, the tabloid maintained that Sharon Osbourne was the “key figure” in Marie Osmond’s departure and even got Sheryl Underwood to threaten to quit The Talk if Osmond wasn’t gone. Gossip Cop corrected the story, as we’ve already debunked this bogus narrative.

Sharon Drove Eve To Leave 'The Talk' As Well?

Last month, the Enquirer purported that Sharon Osbourne pushed away both of her departing co-hosts from The Talk. Following the announcement that Eve was also leaving the show, the supermarket tabloid claimed that Osbourne was responsible for the co-hosts' “damaging” departures. In regards to Osmond, the singer supposedly had to go because she was “a bigger star than Sharon and she didn’t like that,” adding that Osmond was also the “only one who stood up to Sharon,” which only “greased the skids for her exit.” Gossip Cop busted the incorrect story. Both Osmond and Osbourne had clarified there weren’t any issues between the two. As for Eve, the rapper stated she was leaving the talk show to expand her family and due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Only A Health Crisis Would Force Sharon Osbourne Out?

And when the tabloids aren’t insinuating that Osbourne is causing chaos on The Talk, there’s been hearsay about her health deteriorating. Three years ago, the same paper asserted that Osbourne only had weeks to live after she took a health-related break from the program. Clearly, since Osbourne is still living and hosting the show, the magazine had no idea what it was talking about.

Gossip Cop ran the story by a rep for the host, who dismissed the bogus report and proved that the tabloids don't know anything about the host or her show. All in all, the tabloids should stop suggesting hosts are feuding or one person drove someone to quit.


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