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Ryan Seacrest has long been a staple of the American media diet, between his hosting gigs on American Idol, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and Live with Kelly and Ryan. As such, he’s often the subject of tabloid articles insisting he’s walking out on Idolor one of his other projects. For years, the fake narrative that he’s quitting Live has been recycled over and over. It’s been three years since Seacrest joined Live, and he has yet to leave it. Here are some of the most memorable times Gossip Cop debunked the rumor.

Did Ripa Replace Him With Jerry O’Connell?

Roughly half a year after Seacrest joined Live, Life & Style wrote an article about how Ripa was secretly planning to kick Seacrest out and install actor Jerry O’Connell as her co-host, who had often co-hosted the show as a guest before Seacrest was hired. The tabloid suggested that Ripa was trying to distance herself from Seacrest after she was “embarrassed” and “caught off guard” by a sexual misconduct scandal he had been caught up in. As Gossip Cop explained, Ripa actually defended Seacrest amid that scandal, and Ripa’s own spokesperson informed us the story was nonsense.

Did He Quit Over Ripa’s Diva Behavior?

In June 2018,the National Enquirer published a story alleging that he was walking right back out the door over Ripa’s bad “diva-tude.” “Ryan’s tried to bend over backwards to please Kelly, but he still can’t get his own way,” one supposed insider told the notoriously untrustworthy outlet, also adding that Ripa “seemed to hang Ryan out to dry” when he was accused of sexual harassment. In addition to defending Seacrest after that scandal, however, Ripa had also described him as “the future of the franchise.” Gossip Cop also reached out to Seacrest’s rep, who assured us that the rumor was fully “untrue.”

Did Seacrest Quit To Move Back West?

In March the following year, Life & Style was back, this time to insist that it was Seacrest who was bailing on Ripa. Seacrest had moved from Los Angeles to New York to be on Live, and the magazine now claimed that the media personality missed his West Coast life and was thinking of moving back. In a particularly silly statement, the tabloid also wrote that Seacrest couldn’t just quit the show because he’s under contract, but “contracts were made to be broken.” Are they? Really? Anyway, that’s all a moot point because Seacrest’s rep once again confirmed for Gossip Cop that he still wasn’t planning on ditching the show.

Is He Quitting After Quarantining in Los Angeles?

Despite how clearly false that last claim was, just last month the National Enquirer made the same claim, continuing this game of ping-pong the two publications have apparently developed. Another unnamed “source” told the tabloid that Seacrest was quitting the show after moving back to Los Angeles to quarantine there. “Ryan simply wants to remain in Los Angeles permanently, and Kelly can’t give up her New York roots,” the tipster said.

Seacrest allegedly thought the show would be better if it were done from LA, but Ripa disagreed. “It’s perfectly amicable,” the source said of their parting. Gossip Cop was told by Seacrest’s rep that this story was “silly” and “wrong.” The idea that Seacrest would ask Ripa to relocate the show she’s hosted for nearly twenty years to match his preferences is patently false. Ryan Seacrest is not leaving the show and Kelly Ripa isn't looking to replace him.


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