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The world went wild when it discovered the stars of Twilight, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were dating in real life. The romance had a few stumbles and ultimately came to an end with both Stewart and Pattinson moving on to date other people. The tabloids just can’t seem to get over their breakup, however, which has led to some interesting headlines about the two’s supposed “reunion” over the years.

OK! once reported that Stewart and Pattinson were in talks to team up on an “edgy project” together. “Separately, they’d each jump at it, but working together isn’t an easy yes for them given the fan hysteria that surrounded their split years ago,” an alleged insider informed the outlet. The two wouldn’t be playing love interests in this seemingly phony new production, the magazine insisted. Instead, the script allegedly called for several “close encounters” between Stewart and Pattinson’s characters. Several aspects of this story just didn’t add up, which made Gossip Cop suspicious.

We decided to check in with sources close to both Pattinson and Stewart, and we were exclusively told that there is no joint project in the works for the actors. If this movie really did exist, there’d be details about it such as what the plot’s about, who’s directing, et cetera. But in this case, the clear lack of details could only mean one thing: This story was simply made up.

According to the Mercury News, a brief encounter between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at Lily-Rose Depp’s birthday party meant that the two actors were reconciling. The two spoke for a few minutes at the valet station before Pattinson left the party and Stewart rejoined it. The publication claimed this short interaction had set reconciliation “rumors swirling.” It’s unclear where it got its information from, because outside of a few diehard Twilight fans fantasizing online about a reunion, Gossip Cop didn’t find anyone else reporting that the two might reconcile.

Stewart was still dating Stella Maxwell at the time, though she’s since broken up with the supermodel. This outlet really had no basis speculating about the former couple, especially with such flimsy reasoning. In the end, it was all just to exploit the readers’ interest in these stars, which is just a shame.

For a brief while, a story from Korea Portal had the top story on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. This piece alleged that after their run-in at Depp’s party, the two were on a road to a reunion. Both the possibility of the two reuniting on set as co stars and in their personal lives as lovers were raised, though Gossip Cop found that both were unlikely.

Though the outlet claimed that Stewart and her then-girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, were “on the rocks,” it still had to acknowledge that the two had women been spotted packing on some serious PDA. So, no. Kristen Stewart didn’t leave Maxwell to date Robert Pattinson. And Pattinson never hinted that he’d be reuniting on screen with his ex. This story was simply false.

Our final story is once again from OK!, who reported last year that Pattinson wanted to do another movie with Kristen Stewart in order to boost his career. A seemingly phony source told the outlet, "He could walk into pretty much any rom-com he wants, but he knows it would mean double the money if he could convince Kristen to star with him." Pattinson was supposedly desperate "to be a Hollywood heartthrob again" because his "fame has dwindled" since his Twilight days. Absolutely none of this was true.

Gossip Cop dug through Pattinson’s old interviews and came across one he did with GQ in 2017, where he admitted that he’s mostly drawn to art-house films and filmmakers he feels a connection with. He’d also been tapped to star in the upcoming Christopher Nolan film Tenet. Pattinson is also starring in The Batman, along with Zoe Kravitz, as the title character. It doesn’t seem like Pattinson’s fame has “dwindled” all that much. Tabloids just can’t help themselves when it comes to this former couple, and it definitely shows.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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