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Reese Witherspoon has been happily married to Jim Toth for nine years, but their lack of public drama hasn’t done anything to stop gossip rags from claiming their marriage is struggling. The ongoing coronavirus lockdown has only served to put a new spin on these old rumors. Here’s four times Gossip Cop called out the tabloids for insisting that Witherspoon and Toth’s relationship was suffering in some unique way under quarantine.

Reese Witherspoon And Jim Toth Quarantining Separately?

This narrative kicks off in April, with NW claiming that Witherspoon and Toth were quarantining separately from one another. According to supposed “sources,” both spouses were too wrapped up in their own careers to pay attention to each other. “Reese can gush as much as she wants about her ‘supportive’ husband, but they barely speak two words to each other these days,” one source said. While Witherspoon was said to be at her Pacific Palisades mansion, Toth was allegedly holed up in Malibu.

The claim was utter nonsense, as Gossip Cop explained. Witherspoon had recently given an interview in which she said that she and her “entire family,” including Toth, were quarantining together. The family was also photographed enjoying themselves at the beach. The theory that they’re separated and don’t see each other anymore is evidently false.

Reese Witherspoon Going Through Quarantine Hell?

A month later, In Touch wrote a piece about how Witherspoon was living in “quarantine hell.” The couple had recently sold their house, which the tabloid decided must mean that their union was coming to an end. The pressure of working from home together in such close quarters, supposedly, was driving her and Toth apart. But as Gossip Cop pointed out, they only sold that house because they were buying another one. In a recent interview, the Legally Blonde star had even said that she and Toth have “that lovely easy relationship,” so it seems like they’re doing just fine isolating together.

She Had A Secret Breakdown Because Of Jim Toth?

Just a few days after that tall tale, Woman’s Day ran a story about how Witherspoon’s personal life was “imploding” after moving vans were spotted outside her home. Once again, Gossip Cop noted that nobody was leaving anybody else — the family was moving houses, which is something people do on occasion. It is no indicator, positive or negative, of the state of their marriage.

What About Her Bachelorette Pad?

Just a few weeks ago, Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth were spotted holding hands while out on a walk together, effectively shutting down any rumors that they were no longer seeing each other. But about a week before that, Woman’s Day came out with yet another article about how Witherspoon had moved into a separate home to get a “fresh start” and “make new memories” separate from Toth. But of course, as Gossip Cop has confirmed over and over again, there’s no fresh start to be made here because the couple are not divorcing, nor are they even separated.


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