The holiday wasn’t what it usually is for everyone in 2020 due to Covid-19 and that includes the British Royal Family. Weeks ago, one tabloid alleged Kate Middleton and Prince William planned to defy lockdown protocol to surprise Queen Elizabeth II on Christmas. Since the holidays are over, Gossip Cop is revisiting the report and see what actually happened.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge's Christmas Agenda

In December 2020, In Touch alleged Prince William and Kate Middleton planned to surprise Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on Christmas. Despite the queen declaring she would forgo her traditional holiday celebration at her Sandringham estate due to the coronavirus pandemic, the magazine insisted the duke and duchess were going against protocols and making other plans to include the queen.

According to a source, Middleton was “defying lockdown and surprising the queen with a secret Christmas celebration this year. Kate knows how special this time of year is for the queen, and that she was despondent over not being able to celebrate as usual.” The insider revealed the duchess would make sure her family, Prince William and their three children, “get together. It will warm the queen’s heart and uplift everyone’s spirit at a time when it’s needed most.”

Kate Middleton Had Her Own Plans For The Holidays?

The source further detailed that the Duchess of Cambridge planned to handle everything herself and with the help of her children, throwing the entire surprise party on her own. The unnamed informant, who claimed to be a palace insider, disclosed the kids “couldn’t t wait to sing Christmas songs wearing their Santa hats and play charades and festive games. And they really couldn’t wait to tell the queen about their gifts. They have some adorable presents for her. Some are gag gifts, some are heartfelt and handmade.”

The tipster also claimed Middleton helped her children make cards for their grandmother, noting the duchess, spent days “putting together a stunning leather-bound photo album of her and William’s favorite moments with the queen and the children. It includes images the public has never seen.”

The Truth About The Royals And How They Spent Their Holiday

As Gossip Cop stated at the time, everyone’s holidays were affected in 2020. The idea Kate Middelton planned to defy the lockdown was absurd. Now that Christmas has passed, here’s how the Royals spent their holiday. Queen Elizabeth II did cancel her annual holiday celebration and stayed at Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Phillip. According to People, a source stated:

They are fortunate to spend Christmas with their family every year, but they understand that their family will have competing demands over the Christmas period and are content to have a quiet festive season this year.

As for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the two spent their holiday at Amner Hall with their three kids. Yes, not even the Royals are exempt from the rules. Plus, when it comes to gossip about the British royal family, the tabloids aren’t the best source of information.

The Tabloids Can't Be Trusted Anyways

Before this ridiculous Christmas report, the magazine also alleged Kate Middleton was having twins in 2021. This was clearly a false story since Middleton and her husband have both stated they weren’t having any more children.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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