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Since stepping back from royal duties, many speculated on how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would earn money. Despite both being millionaires in their own right, tabloids still went forward with tales of a big-spending and low income. Thanks to the recent multimillion-dollar production deal with Netflix, perhaps these stories will become less frequent. Gossip Cop can only hope. Here are some stories we’ve busted about the Sussexes and their money.

Duke And Duchess Desperate For Cash

Back in February, In Touch bellowed from the rooftops that the Sussexes were “already $6 million in debt.” Just months after leaving the royal family, a so-called source said “Harry and Meghan are hemorrhaging money and struggling to make ends meet.” The two had overestimated how much their mansion would cost, although the tabloid could not report how much the rent was. Gossip Cop busted this tabloid by pointing out how exactly the couple made their money. While the couple would lose access to taxpayer grants, Prince Harry was still receiving money from his father’s investments, so this story of destitution was unfounded.

Broke And Practically Homeless Royals

When the couple moved to California, Life & Style ran an almost identical story saying the two were “running out of money.” Prince Harry had “gone from His Royal Highness to practically homeless” partially thanks to the coronavirus. The tabloid still noted that the Sussexes were “crashing at a friend's pad nearby Malibu to keep costs down,” which is extremely different from actual homelessness. Gossip Cop busted this story by once again pointing out that Prince Harry still had his inheritance from Princess Diana, as well as financial aid from his mother.

Prince Charles Buys Prince Harry A House; Prince William Is Furious

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have finally found a more permanent residence in California buy purchasing their own home further away from the spotlight. The National Enquirer turned this logical step into drama by saying “Prince William is furious at Prince Charles for” purchasing the “forever home.” Prince William was still seething from the publishing of Finding Freedom, and felt as though “the Sussexes are being rewarded for abandoning the royal family.” There were multiple issues with this story; the Sussexes have publicly denied any collaboration on Finding Freedom for starters. Multiple more trustworthy news sources said the couple paid for the home themselves as well, so this entire premise is bunk.

Royal Family finances are deeply complicated. Thanks to centuries of precedent mixed with the unprecedented American departure from Prince Harry, it’s easy to see why there would be some confusion. However, you can rest assured the Sussexes are quite the opposite of broke.


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