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There’s been a recent influx of rumors that A-list celebrities are doing all they can to ensure their child becomes just as big a superstar as them. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler, and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have all been accused by the tabloids of being “stage parents,” so to speak. Gossip Cop decided to take a second look at these rumors to determine if our initial judgement was correct.

Of all the celebrities Gossip Cop has seen face accusations of pushing their kids into the spotlight, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban show up the most often. In 2019, New Idea claimed that the musician was angry with Kidman over the fact that their two daughters appeared as extras in Kidman’s HBO series, Big Little Lies. That couldn’t be further from the truth, we determined. After reaching out to Urban’s rep, we were told the claims in the article were false.

Last summer, Woman’s Day reported that Urban was furious with his actress wife because she’d signed their two daughters up with an agent. "Keith was furious when he found out Nicole had got the girls an agent, telling her he felt this went against everything they'd discussed about letting the girls live a normal childhood," a source told the outlet. Gossip Cop reached out to Urban’s rep, who informed us that no part of the story was true. Kidman hadn’t gotten her daughters an agent, and Urban was in no way angry with his wife.

The National Enquirer pushed the false narrative even further and claimed Nicole Kidman was determined to make her kids stars. "Nicole is playing it cool in the press about the girls going Hollywood," a supposed "insider" told the tabloid, "but she's using all her contacts to pave their way to stardom!" Of course this untrustworthy publication got it wrong. Kidman’s daughters have only played bit parts, they’re far from child actors. Besides, Gossip Cop asked Kidman’s rep about the story and were told on the record that "there's no truth to this." It was just another tabloid recycling yet another old rumor.

Adam Sandler was accused of trying to turn his daughters into stars against his wife’s wishes by OK! last fall. The outlet quoted a so-called “friend” of the comedian, who insisted, “The girls are talented, and Adam wants to be the one who shepherds them through their careers as they get older." Sandler’s wife, Jackie, “begrudgingly goes along with it," the source continued, but she was more concerned with the girls getting “their homework done." This was utter nonsense, Gossip Cop ultimately determined. We reached out to Sandler’s rep, who dismissed the article as “crazy.”

Finally, one of Hollywood’s favorite couples faced these same accusations. OK! claimed Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were determined to turn their daughters into actors. "Growing up, Ryan and Blake were both obsessed with becoming successful actors, and they want their kids to have the same passion," a dubious source told the outlet. Unfortunately for the tabloid, Reynolds spoke about this very topic during a visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

After mentioning how much his then 5-year-old daughter liked acting, Reynolds joked, "I was like, 'You know what? Here's what's cheaper and easier, like, let's just skip showbiz and enroll you right into cocaine." On a more serious note, the actor added, "Showbiz is not good for kids. I feel like we should know this by now, right? But parents everywhere are like, 'Yeah, let's just put them in a movie, unsupervised.'" Clearly these parents weren’t forcing their kids into stardom, in fact it could be argued that Lively and Reynolds were doing the exact opposite, which is why Gossip Cop determined this story was false.


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