Meghan McCain is arguably the most polarizing member of The View, frequently clashing with both viewers and her fellow hosts. As a result, there's been a wide array of rumors that the disagreements Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines have with McCain continue once the cameras are off as well. Let's take a look at what's being said about the conservative commentator.

Meghan McCain Vs. Joy Behar

The most frequent pairing for McCain is against Behar, with multiple behind-the-scenes rumors saying that McCain is pushing the comedian to quit the program. Behar, the National Enquirer said, wasn't going to renew her contract, and although she reportedly pointed to COVID-19 and her age as reasons for not returning, it was McCain who was truly at fault. “She was there since day one and would never have left otherwise,” a source explained. This story in particular didn't quite come true, as we pointed out when we first looked into the matter, as Behar continues to enjoy her role on the show, even if the clashes haven't ceased.

It's not like it's a recent thing for fans to wonder about just how real the fights were between Behar and McCain. Back in 2018, the Globe "broke" the news of a backstage feud between the two that included screaming matches and petty fights over just about everything. A show insider explained,

Even after the cameras stop shooting, the prickly panelists are constantly backstabbing each other and bicker over all sorts of stuff from politics, to status, to who gets the last 'everything' bagel from the breakfast buffet.

Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for the show, who told us that the feud wasn't real and that there weren't any behind-the-scenes shouting matches. However, this was far from the last time McCain got accused of fighting with her coworkers.

Whoopi Goldberg vs. McCain

Likewise, Goldberg and Meghan McCain's clashes and disagreements have many wondering how long the actress and Oscar winner will stay on the show. The tension between the two hosts has been palpable, but it certainly seems to have starting peaking last year. At the start of 2020, the Globe first reported on Goldberg's mounting frustrations with McCain. Source said that the actress was demanding network executives "put a leash" on her co-host's "obnoxious behavior," as Goldberg apparently couldn't handle much more of it. "She swears her constant fighting with Meghan is spiking her blood pressure way up. Whoopi's putting her neck out there, saying shape up or else. That's how much Meghan's gotten under her skin," an insider revealed. Goldberg remains on the show as well, as do their frequent disagreements.

Another story in the Globe from later that year argued that Goldberg was just about ready to step away from the world of daytime TV and return to acting specifically just to get away from McCain. The outlet said that the months of dealing with the "rude, mouthy" and frustrating behavior had made up her mind to finally walk away from the program. "She’s telling friends that she wants to leave The View. She’s been really unhappy and every day brings upset in her life," an anonymous source told the tabloid. The rumor argued that McCain may even be pushed out in a plea to keep Goldberg happy, but obviously, the two are still co-workers even after all of these stories said otherwise.


Meghan McCain Worried About Job On 'The View' After Fights With Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg?