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Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their multimillion-dollar production deal with Netflix, tabloids have run rampant with speculation about just what the couple will produce. They've kept a tight lip, as producers are wont to do, about what their projects are going to be, but they did specify that they will not make a reality show.

A spokesperson for the Sussexes said, "The Duke and Duchess are not taking part in any reality shows." Despite this firm denial, or perhaps because of it, tabloids still print loads of stories about a potential royal reality show. Here are some tall tales Gossip Cop has busted about said possible royal reality shows.

List Of Other Shows Include An Expose And A Lifestyle Show

When Woman's Day took its gaze into the crystal ball to see what the Sussexes could be working on, it came up with a list of royal related docu-series'. Since Markle offered "access to Prince Andrew behind the scenes," a docu-series on her "disgraced uncle-in-law" would be an "ideal choice." A possible Princess Diana documentary and lifestyle show were listed as well. Gossip Cop busted this list of stories because it was a "list of ideas" the couple "are rumored to be interested in." It was all smoke and mirrors without any evidence to back any claim up.

A Fly On The Wall Documentary Series About Daily Lives

The Sun said "Markle is desperate for the public to see" the real Sussex family, so she was opening her doors to cameras to track their daily life. A supposed source said, "it will be tasteful." This story was suspect because "media intrusion" is one of the big reasons why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the UK in the first place, so why would they now relish even more cameras in their life? The article also called Markle "desperate" to get the show on the air, but still made it sound like this was a Netflix demanded program to combat "all these lofty ideas" the Sussexes really had. Gossip Cop busted the story because all we know for sure is there will be no reality show.

Markle Will Make Baby Archie A Star

When Life & Style printed their version of a reality show story, it claimed Markle would use the platform to make her baby a star. A so-called source said "Meghan thinks her son is adorable," which is true, and that "She can just imagine him following in her footsteps and becoming an actor." Archie is sixteen months old, so Markle is likely focusing on his teething and his first steps, rather than see him become an actor. This is just a veiled way for the tabloid to scandalize its audience by insinuating Markle would use her baby in a reality show. No such show is happening, and Markle continues to keep Archie's privacy as a high priority.

Secret Royal Footage Mid-Royal Exit Will Be Used

Filming people without their express consent is a legal minefield, but the Sussexes have done just that according to the National Enquirer. The "royal quitters" have "secretly amassed a trove of film before fleeing the UK." which will be used for a "bombshell tell-all documentary." The tabloid then speculates that even the queen herself could make an appearance, and it could be another platform for Archie to become a reality TV star. Given their pension for privacy, it seems extremely unlikely that the Sussexes would welcome cameras into their home ever, let alone when they were still in the UK. The story was bogus because, as Gossip Cop will point out in every version of this story, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not making a reality show.


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