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When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be stepping down as full-time members of the royal family, they undoubtedly hoped they would be able to shed a bit of the negative attention they’d been constantly receiving since tying the knot. When they moved to Los Angeles and cut ties with the British tabloid press, they probably thought the constant invasions of their privacy might wane.

Unfortunately, these moves don’t seem to have worked, as tabloid media all over the English-speaking world has continued to publish insulting and inaccurate claims about the couple. Here are some of the most recent outrageous tabloid lies Gossip Cop has shot down about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry And Markle’s Vow Renewal

Toward the end of May, New Idea reported that the Sussexes were renewing their vows to “symbolize a brand-new start for them both practically and spiritually,” as well as to throw “just another insult” at the royal family they’d abandoned. Gossip Cop had actually already busted this story from a different tabloid, and the latest iteration was full of inconsistencies, first suggesting the couple wanted an “intimate ceremony” and then claiming they were hoping to get the even broadcast on television. The story just didn’t add up.

The Neighbors From Hell

A week later, Star wrote that Markle and Prince Harry were “neighbors from hell” to the LA community they’d been living in, imagining (with no proof) that they had been having stores closed down to shop in private and were drawing huge crowds of photographers. As Gossip Cop noted, the hypocrisy of the tabloid to criticize the couple for attracting paparazzi, who sell their photos to the very same tabloids, was astounding.

Their “Explosive Fight” That Got The Cops Called On Them

A few days after that, Gossip Cop shot down another misleading story from New Idea claiming that the couple had an “explosive fight” that resulted in the police being called to their house, providing a photo of a police car outside their current residence as evidence of the supposed fight. In reality, however, the police were there because the Sussexes had called them in response to all of the drones flying overhead, constantly invading their privacy.

Meghan Markle:Jewel Thief

Finally, last week the National Enquirer ran a story that quite honestly shocked us over at Gossip Cop for its utter absurdity. The tabloid write that Markle had “waltzed off” with millions of dollars’ worth of Princess Diana’s jewelry, which Prince William was demanding she give back. As we pointed out, her one piece of Princess Diana jewelry is her engagement ring, custom-designed for her by her husband. Moreover, Prince William and Kate Middleton have already formerly denounced claims that they’re “furious” with the Sussexes for leaving England.

Every one of these stories is built on clickbait titles, unfounded speculation, and utterly bonkers logic. These publications barely even try to make their phony stories coherent, because they know the people who read them are only interested in hating on the Sussexes, Markle in particular.

But why? They have the Queen’s official support in their decision. They don’t want to live off British taxpayer money, they don’t want to be hounded by paparazzi everywhere they go, and they’re not interested in stealing power or the spotlight from Prince William and Kate Middleton. How do we know this? Because all Markle and Prince Harry have tried to do for months now, everything they have said and every action they have taken, has indicated that they do not want media attention directed towards themselves.

But let’s be real. If you’re already committed to hating these two, you’ll keep finding ways to do it. Gossip Cop will very likely be back here again next week, saying all the same things. Because somebody’s got to do it.


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