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Brian Austin Green recently came clean about the status of his marriage to Megan Fox and revealed that he and his wife of nearly a decade had decided to divorce. Almost since the former couple first married, the tabloids have been manufacturing dramatic tales about the famous duo. Gossip Cop took a second look at our most recent busts about Green and Fox to determine whether there’s any hint of the trouble to come.

Megan Fox Being Seduced By Josh Duhamel?

There were multiple tabloids claiming Josh Duhamel was pursuing Megan Fox. NW claimed a scripted kiss the two shared while filming Think Like A Dog in New Orleans was the reason Duhamel decided he wanted to date Fox. The actor, who has since gotten divorced, was separated from his then-wife, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. As a result, Duhamel supposedly wanted to "have some fun" and make up for “lost time,” if the source who spoke to this disreputable outlet was to be believed. Fox, the so-called “source” continued, "is very much his type," but even this suspicious snitch doubted Fox would give into temptation.

Gossip Cop couldn’t stand the lies any longer. We reached out to Duhamel’s rep who assured us the actor wasn’t pursuing his married co-star. Though the dishonest tabloid tried to make it seem as if there was a chance Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox’s marriage might suffer from the alleged attraction Duhamel felt for Fox. That clearly wasn’t the case. Green said as much during his podcast when he first acknowledged his split from Fox on his podcast, ...With Brian Austin Green. The reason behind this most recent split, Green confessed, was because Fox said she didn’t feel like “herself” when she was with Green.

Jennifer Garner Got Dragged In The Drama

One person who was supposedly “heartbroken” over Duhamel’s alleged fixation on Fox was Jennifer Garner, OK! reported around the same time. "Josh has had a crush on Megan since the beginning," tattled a so-called tipster for the magazine. "They starred in two Transformers movies together, and he goes gaga when he gets to do a scene with her." Garner, who’d reportedly sparked a relationship with the actor, wasn’t exactly blindsided by Duhamel’s actions, the source said, adding, "She likes Josh and thinks he's handsome and very sexy, but she's telling friends that maybe this is a sign she should step back."

None of this was based on any truth, Gossip Cop found over the course of our investigation. First of all, both Duhamel and Garner denied the rumors of them dating, literally laughing them off. Besides, as we stated above, Fox was still very much married to Green at the time, and their family never did break up over any sort of intervention by Duhamel.

Brian Austin Green Threatened With Divorce Over Tori Spelling?

Late last summer, Woman’s Day reported that Megan Fox was threatening Brian Austin Green with divorce for admitting to hooking up with Tori Spelling in the past. Green made the admission on Watch What Happens Live! After he was asked about it, since Spelling had talked about the tryst before. He confessed, "We hooked up. We did. But we were young and so that's what young people do." This confession supposedly enraged Fox. A source told the outlet, "She's reminded Brian she's filed for divorce before and she'd do it again. To say he's in the dog house would be an understatement."

While this publication put their faith in an unknown, unverified source, Gossip Cop went right to the source and reached out to Fox’s rep. We were told there was “zero truth” to this story. Once again, the tabloids simply make up stories about the supposed drama going on in the stars’ lives, but in reality, they have no idea what’s really going on. That’s why not one of the tabloids accurately predicted why or when Green and Fox would split again.

_Update: _On May 19, Brian Austin Green confirmed that he and Megan Fox had separated. The split doesn't seem to be messy, as Green explained the split on his podcast, Context with Brian Austin Green. "It's really important to me that people don't treat anyone like a villain or a victim in this situation," the actor said. Although it is sad news that their relationship didn't work out, it's important to note that none of the tabloid reports about it ended up having any truthful details about the breakup. 

A fair amount of celebrity couples end up separating, so claiming that two actors will divorce is hardly an impressive prediction — especially when some of these outlets have effectively been calling for their breakup ever since they started dating. There's still no real truth to be found in these tabloid stories. If anything, the fact that the "insiders" used in these stories didn't mention anything actually related to their split is proof that these publications are untrustworthy

These sources made no mention of one of the most interesting details Green dropped on his podcast. He explained that last year, Fox told him that she had had a dream while she was out of the country working that predicted her growing apart from him. That seems like the exact kind of intimate detail a real source close to the relationship would have known. There weren't even any predictions that saw Fox working so closely with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Ultimately, it seems like these outlets are basically guessing at best or making things up at worst. 

Either way, it's just another reason to dismiss these gossip magazines. 

_With additional reporting by Griffin Matis. _


Debunking This Week's Tabloids: August 14, 2020