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The tabloids were filled last year with rumors about Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. Despite the fact that Robbie is an already married woman, the gossip rags couldn't stop speculating over the Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey actress' supposed "relationship" with Pitt. Gossip Cop sensed a pattern and compiled our best busts on the two non-love birds.

In July 2019, NW claimed Pitt confessed his love to Robbie. The actress's marriage with her husband Tom Ackerley was reportedly falling apart over Robbie's friendship with Pitt which, ironically, was only working to push her and Pitt closer together. Ackerly was so upset with his wife that he skipped the Los Angeles premiere of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

This was all according to plan for Pitt, who'd allegedly locked onto Robbie when they'd first met on the set of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. A dubious source told the outlet, "He is secretly gunning for Margot's feelings to develop from platonic to romantic, and he hopes that if the marriage deteriorates any further, she'll realize Brad's the man she's meant to be with." Gossip Cop had no difficulties proving this insidious rumor false.

It's true that Ackerley wasn't able to make the L.A. premiere for his wife's movie, but marriage issues weren't behind his absence. Rather, a scheduling conflict got in the way. Gossip Cop also reached out to Pitt's spokesperson for an answer and it was confirmed that this story was absolute malarky.

That same outlet struck out again when it reported Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie were going on "secret dates" during the European stretch of their film promotion tour. The unreliable publication alleged that the two snuck off during the Cannes Film Festival to go out to a pub. A so-called "source" claimed Robbie was "a huge fan of pubs, so she was thrilled to take Brad on a tour of her favorite haunts." Eventually, the two were "busted" going into the Regent hotel in Berlin after Once Upon A Time In Hollywood's German premiere.

This story almost busted itself. The afterparty for the premier also happened to take place at the Regent hotel, which the tabloid conveniently left out. Otherwise, there's no proof the two stars ever went on dates. If they had, there's zero chance they'd be able to do so without being recognized or photographed. Gossip Cop knows a stinker when we see one, and this story reeked to high heavens of lies.

One of our most recent busts on Robbie and Pitt is actually a twist on the original. In January of this year, New Idea claimed Robbie requested not to be seated with Pitt at the Golden Globes. The outlet was vague about the reasons why, and simply quoted an insider who claimed there was "major tension" between Robbie and Pitt, which the outlet seemed to imply was the result of some unnamed "scandal." Gossip Cop didn't trust this story for a moment, so we did a little digging.

Robbie was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Bombshell, not for her part in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Although she co-stars in Bombshell with Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron, she didn't sit at their table, either, and it's likely not because she'd requested not to sit with them. It seemed to Gossip Cop as if this outlet were literally creating drama out of a seating arrangement. We reached out to a source close to Robbie for answers and were told the tabloid's article was fabricated.

The tabloid's relentless hammering of this absurd narrative even reached Brad Pitt's ears eventually. A Gossip Cop source close to Pitt informed us the actor found rumors linking him to Robbie "bizarre" and "rude." Furthermore, we were told Pitt found it a bit "insulting" to actresses who are simply doing their job to be written about this way in tabloids. This obsessive reporting simply has to stop.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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