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Last year, a tabloid reported that Lady Gaga was “stepping away” from the spotlight to focus on having a child. Gossip Cop looked into the story when it came out and found it to be incorrect. Here’s what's happened since.

Lady Gaga Says "Bye-Bye" To Hollywood?

In January 2019 Woman’s Day, claimed Gaga was trying to have a baby with her then-fiance, Christian Carino. The magazine stated the singer was ready to “take a step back” from the entertainment business to focus on starting a family. The tabloid’s insider was quoted saying Gaga was being presented with various movie deals, ranging from “serious dramas to period pieces to romcoms and even a superhero movie” but was, “in no rush to cash in on her success.”

The source continued, adding that the “Bad Romance” singer’s primary focus at the time was to become a mom. “She and Christian are both utterly desperate to be parents together,” the tipster added. However, after investigating the story, Gossip Cop found it to be untrue. We checked with a spokesperson for Gaga who assured us the article was fabricated.

Lady Gaga performing at the VMAs in September 2020.

Lady Gaga Is A Busy Lady

At the time, the singer stated that she had every intention to continue acting. The singer just signed on to portray Patrizia Reggiani in a new movie by Ridley Scott, which will focus on the murder of Maurizio Gucci. Additionally, the singer recently released a new album, Chromatica, a few months ag and performed on the MTV Video Music Awards last week. It’s apparent, the singer is currently enjoying the height of her career, but Gossip Cop is sure when she does become a mom, she'll be able to juggle her career and motherhood as most working moms do. Furthermore, Gaga broke off her engagement to Carino a month after this story came out, and is now dating Michael Polansky.

More Bogus Stories About Lady Gaga's Personal Life

Woman’s Day is also very unreliable when reporting on the singer and had created numerous fictitious story-lines about her. Particularly ones involving Bradley Cooper. Last June, the tabloid claimed Lady Gaga had a baby with Bradley Cooper. The ridiculous story even purported that Irina Shayk was also pregnant at the same time. This was false. Gossip Cop corrected the story because Gaga and Cooper were never an item.

Yet, that wasn't the first time the magazine concocted other inaccurate stories about the former costars. In early 2019, Gossip Cop busted the publication for alleging Gaga was the reason Cooper and Shayk supposedly split. But, Cooper and Shayk didn’t break-up until June of that year. This also contradicted Woman's Day report about Gaga wanting a family with Carino that came out around the same time. It's apparent this tabloid has no real insight into Gaga’s personal life and is all over the place with its narratives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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