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Kristen Wiig has had some massive changes in her personal life this year. The Skeleton Twins actress celebrated her fourth anniversary with fiance Avi Rothman, as well as the second anniversary of their engagement this month. More importantly than that, the two welcomed twins born via surrogate together just a few months ago, cementing their status as a happy family. Despite the obviously secure relationship, Wiig's star status has seen her tied to a few other big celebrity names in the gossip pages. Here are the most recent rumors about the actress' personal life that we've investigated.

Competing For Brad Pitt's Love?

A year or two ago, Life & Style reported that Wiig was actually engaged in an intense competition to be Brad Pitt's next girlfriend. "His manager and some producer pals are actively playing matchmaker. They've put together a list of potential partners to zero in on someone who's not only gorgeous but his intellectual equal." According to the tabloid, Wiig was on the shortlist due to her humor and the fact that she shares Pitt's passion for art.

While Wiig's credentials are nothing to scoff at, she was against some tough competition — Jennifer Lawrence ("talented, smart, fun and infatuated with Brad"), Charlize Theron (like Pitt, an Oscar winner with a history of adoption), and Emilia Clarke (PItt seemed to express some interest in the actress at a charity auction). It's a face-off full of high stakes and drama worthy of Bravo, but in reality, this story contained more holes than facts. For one, there's the whole fiance and kids thing for Wiig, although we wouldn't be shocked if this narrative gets used again and references Wiig's use of a surrogate as some sort of connection to Pitt's history of adoption.

Ben Affleck Sets His Eyes On Kristen Wiig?

Before there was the Brad Pitt connection, there was Ben Affleck. A few months before the apparent "competition" for Pitt's love began, Wiig was briefly mentioned as a target of Affleck's ambitions even though he was dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus at the time. OK! claimed that Affleck was "bombarding Kristen with calls and texts," although the outlet didn't go quite as far as accusing the Oscar winner of being unfaithful. However, it did mention that Wiig wasn't sure if she wanted to respond to the seemingly professional messages on account of his relationship with one of her former colleagues.

"It's an awkward position for Kristen," one of the tabloid's anonymous sources explained. "She feels obligated to reply, but doesn't want to upset Lindsay." While the outlet held that it was purely professional — "Ben just wants them to write something together that they can co-star in," the tipster said — it never quite explained why exactly Wiig would feel uncomfortable responding to the requests. The implication, of course, was that there may have been something going on besides the supposed attempts at working together. This was yet another story that left out Wiig's yearslong dedicated relationship entirely, as that would erase the hint of scandal in the article. Gossip Cop checked in with Wiig's rep, who told us that Affleck hadn't reached out about any projects yet.

Kristen Wiig, Super Mom?

Just this past June, OK! came up with yet another bizarre tale about Wiig. Surprisingly enough, this story finally straight-up acknowledged her relationship with Avi Rothman. It's just a shame that a tabloid mentioning a less famous partner, which is such a big milestone for these serial fibbers, came attached to such a silly story. The magazine reported that Wiig had not only had her twins via surrogate, but that she herself was pregnant as well.

With most weddings being postponed indefinitely, the tabloid saw an easy in for a pregnancy rumor. “They figure they might as well use the extra time they have and try to have a kid,” an unnamed tipster said of the couple. “She needed a guy she knew would always have her back, and she’s found that with Avi… He’s a cool guy who treats Kristen with respect and is terrifically supportive of her — and she tells everybody he’s going to be a great dad!”

Again, it's absolutely great to see a tabloid treating a celebrity spouse that isn't on the A-list with some kind words, even if the words are from a source that likely doesn't exist. We found no fault in its compliments toward Rothman or his parenting abilities, but the idea that the actress wanted to get pregnant just as she's raising two newborns is laughable. The truth of it all is that Kristen Wiig and Avi Rothman are focused on their babies, not fielding calls from other stars or planning an extra nursery. If a magazine tries to sell a story about Wiig without even bothering to mention her partner of several years, then it's not worth reading.


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