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When people think about the Kardashians' family drama, the one sibling that seems to have avoided most of it is Kendall Jenner. Because of this, the model’s relationship with her family is questioned by the tabloids. Rumors have been pushed around that Jenner has either cut ties with her sisters or she’s embarrassed by them. Gossip Cop has rounded up a few stories we’ve corrected about Jenner’s relationship with her famous family.

Kendall And Kylie Jenner's Explosive Sibling Rivalry

In the summer of 2018, Radar Online claimed that Kendall Jenner was embroiled in an “explosive” sibling rivalry with Kylie Jenner. The website contended that the sisters were so entangled in this conflict that “the two mean girls can't even get through the day without dissing each other." A supposed insider spilled to the outlet, "They fight over friendships, boyfriends, their dad and who's more successful,” and, “Kendall is said to be jealous of Kylie’s career and the attention she receives.” The entire narrative was fabricated and also poorly-timed. The model had expressed admiration for her younger sister when Kylie posed for Vogue in April of that year. Jenner also gushed over her bond with Kylie’s daughter, Stormi. Gossip Cop dismissed Radar Online’s phony story at the time.

Kendall Slept With Travis Scott?

The following year, ran a ridiculous story that Kendall slept with Kylie’s then-boyfriend, Travis Scott. An alleged source told the magazine that Kylie discovered Kendall hooked up with Scott, who is also the father of Kylie’s daughter, leading to the beauty mogul going through “another heartbreaking betrayal.” With no actual proof of this supposed liaison, the dubious insider maintained it occurred in 2015 before Scott’s career took off. Gossip Cop ran the suspicious story by a spokesperson for Kendall, who confirmed it was false.

Kendall Jenner: "I'm Done With The Kardashians"

A few months later, we debunked the publication again for claiming that Jenner had “cut ties” with her Kardashian sisters. The absurd story stemmed from a photo Khloe Kardashian posted of herself with her sisters that had the caption, "Nothing like a photo with ALL my sisters! You guys have no idea how hard it is to wrangle everyone for one photo.” The caption was honestly harmless, however, the tabloid took the photo and flipped it, creating an incorrect narrative that Jenner didn’t want anything to do with her siblings. To back up its bogus allegation, the magazine used the words of an unnamed source who stated, "Kendall says she's taking a break from everyone except Kylie. She wants to focus on her career and her life.” Gossip Cop, however, learned for Jenner’s rep that the story was nonsense.

Kendall Was Done With Kim Kardashian?

Yet another tabloid continued the bogus story line that Kendall Jenner had an issue with one of her siblings. In the fall of 2019, the National Enquirer alleged that Jenner was humiliated by Kim Kardashian after the two presented an award at the Emmys. Kim and Jenner received some unwanted giggles while presenting the Competition Program award. The paper asserted that after the incident, Kendall declared she didn’t want anything to do with Kim. "Kendall has worked super hard to be taken seriously as a model and separate herself professionally from Kim and the rest of the family. Now, all that hard work has been erased,” a so-called insider told the outlet. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Kim Kardashian shared a photo of herself with Kendall, their other siblings, and North West, on Twitter.

In short, siblings don’t always get along. But to purport such ridiculous stories about a family with no evidence is uncalled for. The Kardashians may not be everyone’s favorite family, but one thing is for sure, they all stick together.


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