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Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s longtime friendship can’t possibly be questioned by anyone that’s seen it in action. Yet for some reason tabloids have continuously written ridiculous or salacious rumors about the supermodel pals. Here are some of the silliest rumors Gossip Cop has busted about the besties.

Was Jenner Hooking Up With Hadid’s Sister?

We’ll start with one of the most ludicrous rumors we’ve got: in July 2017, Star claimed that Jenner was in a secret relationship with Hadid’s sister Bella. The rumor was inspired by a photo Jenner took with Bella at the London Pride parade, as if simply showing up to show their support was enough to “out” both of them as lesbians. A rep for Jenner told Gossip Cop the rumor was false. We had previously busted the same tabloid for claiming that Jenner was dating Cara Delevigne.

Was Jenner Flirting With Zayn Malik?

A month later, OK! published a story about how Jenner was supposedly texting Hadid’s boyfriend, Zayn Malik, behind her back. According to the tabloid, Jenner had begun secretly flirting with Malik after her and Hadid’s friendship had become “worn-out.” The likely nonexistent source didn’t bother to explain how they could have known about these secret texts, and there was absolutely no evidence to suggest that the models’ friendship was on the rocks. Gossip Cop again reached out to Jenner’s spokesperson, who told us the story was simply “false.”

For what it’s worth, just the passage of time has done its own part to prove this story false. Jenner and Hadid were spotted out for lunch together back in February, and Malik and Hadid recently announced they’re expecting their first child. It’s obvious that Hadid’s relationships with Jenner and Malik were not about to end.

Was Kendall Jenner’s Sister Trying To Pair Her Up With Hadid’s Brother?

In June of the following year, Jenner was photographed kissing Hadid’s brother Anwar at a party. That photo spurred a whole slew of phony stories, including one from the gossip website HollywoodLife about how Kylie Jenner was hoping her sister would have “beautiful babies” with Anwar. “Now that she is with someone as awesome as Anwar, Kylie [is] hoping that Kendall will finally settle down,” said one unnamed “source.” Gossip Cop and other reputable outlets clarified that Anwar and Jenner are not dating, and that Jenner is fully single. Also, “finally settle down?” She was 22 years old at the time. What a ridiculous thing to say.

How Did Gigi Hadid Feel About It?

On the flip side, RadarOnline, another gossip website, posted its own story claiming that Gigi and Bella were upset about Jenner supposedly hooking up with Anwar. The site called Jenner a “backstabbing BFF” who didn’t care that her “former besties” Gigi and Bell were “bothered” by her “secret hookups” with their younger brother. The post also suggested that Jenner had seduced Anwar “even though he is still suspected to be with longtime girlfriend” Nicola Peltz.

So much was incorrect about this article, as Gossip Cop pointed out. But for now we’ll just say that Jenner and the Hadid sisters are not “former” besties, nor were Jenner and Anwar dating, nor was he still dating Peltz. Nothing about the story was accurate.


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