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Since Katie Holmes kept her relationship with Jamie Foxx private, is it possible that she could have done so with other Hollywood men? The tabloids claimed that the actress may have had secret liaisons with a few A-list actors, namely, Justin Theroux and Bradley Cooper. Gossip Cop rounded up a few rumors we've heard about Holmes "secretly dating" these two actors.

Katie Holmes And Justin Theroux's Sexy Revenge Romance

In November 2019, Star alleged that Katie Holmes was having a secret romance with Justin Theroux. Dubbed as “Sexy Katie’s Revenge Romance” on the cover’s headline, the story said that Holmes and Theroux had a “top-secret” meetup at a restaurant in New York City. A supposed insider claimed that the rendezvous was “romantic” and the two stars “hit it off immediately.” As for it being a “revenge romance” the so-called insider said that Theroux’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, wasn’t happy about the supposed tryst. However, this whole narrative was bogus. The magazine didn’t provide any valuable information as far as where or when the “date” took place. Moreover, Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Holmes, who confirmed that the story was fabricated.

Bradley Cooper: Actor, Father, Secret Lover?

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted NW for falsely stating that Holmes and Bradley Cooper were having a private romance. “Katie & Bradley: Undercover Lovers" read the headline for the fictitious tale. The publication argued that the two stars began a very reserved relationship after crossing paths with one another in New York City. An unnamed source told the magazine that Cooper and Holmes first ran into each other at a coffee shop, and after Cooper called Holmes, a romance blossomed within three months. There was just one tiny thing wrong with this story: Holmes and Cooper don’t even know each other, as Gossip Cop pointed out.

Katie Holmes Finds Love In New York City?

About a month later, the Holmes-Cooper rumored romance continued. OK! claimed that Holmes' friends believed she was seeing a mystery man — and they suspected it was none other than Bradley Cooper. The story also brings into question other leading men in Hollywood that Holmes could’ve been involved with, but “pals” of the actress were convinced Cooper was the man in Holmes’ life. Gossip Cop already corrected the narrative that Holmes and Cooper were a couple, but still, we checked with a spokesperson for Holmes. Again, they assured us the actress wasn’t seeing Cooper, or any other A-lister, for that matter.

Justin Theroux's Rumored Romance Resurfaces

Yet two weeks later, Woman’s Day insinuated Theroux and Holmes were secretly involved with one another. The unreliable magazine boldly declared that Holmes and Theroux were “hotter than hot for each other.” The tabloid based its information on the words of an anonymous source that claimed the two were “sneaking around” Los Angeles. The story further reported that Theroux also met Holmes’ daughter, Suri, "which was a huge step and a definite sign that this is something serious.” Once again, Gossip Cop exposed the phony idea that anything was happening between Theroux and Holmes. The two don’t even know each other, and a rep for Holmes confirmed this story was also false.

The tabloids have a bad habit of putting celebrities together that don’t even know each other. That seemed to be the case here with Katie Holmes. We suggest the tabloids find new “sources” to get information that's at least believable next time.


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