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In 2019, a tabloid reported Katie Holmes spent a lot of money on plastic surgery following her break-up from Jamie Foxx. Gossip Cop investigated the story at the time. Here is what we discovered.

Katie Holmes "Revenge" Plastic Surgery

Last September, NW reported that Katie Holmes spent over $75,000 on plastic surgery for revenge post her split from Jamie Foxx. The magazine stated the actress got multiple cosmetic procedures done in preparation for New York Fashion Week. A source told the publication Holmes “surgeries” was the “talk” of the event that year.

The tabloid then quoted a plastic surgeon, who didn’t treat the Dawson’s Creek actress, but gathered from Holmes’ appearance that the actress had gotten a face-lift, lip fillers, and Botox. Other surgeons that the outlet quoted chimed in and said the actress could’ve also gotten implants and undergone rhinoplasty for a "more defined" tip of her nose. NW’s insider added Holmes “spent an absolute fortune on her new bod” and that this was also the actress’ way of obtaining “hot and heavy” film roles.

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Katie Did More Damage Than Good?

Yet, the magazine noted that one person wasn’t okay with the Batman Begins star’s new look. According to NW, Holmes’ daughter, Suri, was “weirded out” by her mother’s drastic transformation and erratic behavior. Another insider stated that what Holmes was doing was “harmful” to her teenage daughter.

Katie Holmes Didn't Nip & Tuck Her Problems Away

Gossip Cop however did some digging and found various discrepancies with this account. Who were these "surgeons” that alleged Holmes did all this work to her body? If these doctors never treated the actress, how would they know in such great detail what was done to the Miss Meadows star? Also, the story came out a year ago, and to this day, it doesn’t look like the actress had any type of procedure done to herself. The only thing Holmes has changed since her split from Foxx is her wardrobe. The actress was seen earlier this year with a new look while attending a dinner ahead of Fashion Week. Simply put, the entire story was a sham.

More Incorrect Stories About Katie Holmes Break-Up From Jamie Foxx

Following her break-up from Foxx, NW spent a lot of time creating inaccurate stories about how Holmes was dealing with the parting. Around the same time as this phony story came out, the tabloid also claimed Holmes was starving herself because she was so heartbroken over her break-up. Gossip Cop couldn't even find a shred evidence to support this bogus accusation.

Last November, NW alleged Katie Holmes was three months pregnant and either Jamie Foxx or Justin Theroux was the father. Seriously, where did the tabloid even come up with this scenario? It should be noted that the story came out over nine months ago and Holmes didn't give birth to a child. Additionally, Holmes was never involved with Theroux, so how could he even be the baby's potential father? Honestly, how can anyone trust what this tabloid says? Gossip Cop will continue to expose this magazine and others that keep making these ludicrous narratives.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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