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Since her break up with Jamie Foxx last May, Katie Holmes has been the subject of loads of speculation regarding her dating life. There has been very little rhyme or reason to any of these supposed relationships, as Gossip Cop has proven. Here are a sampling of stories we’ve busted about the Batman Begins star and an assortment of potential beaus.

Is Katie Holmes Secretly Dating Bradley Cooper?

Our first bogus rumor comes from NW who allege that Holmes and Cooper, who have never appeared in a film together for the record, had started dating because of their geographic proximity. “They only live a few blocks from one another” an anonymous insider said. Hundreds of thousands of people walk on New York City blocks, so this is an extremely flimsy narrative for this story to lean on. Gossip Cop debunked this story, for Cooper hasn’t been interested in dating since his split from Irina Shayk.

Is Lenny Kravitz The Apple Of Holmes’ Eye?

This rumor requires a degree in Hollywood dating history. Nicole Kidman used to be married to Tom Cruise and dated Lenny Kravitz after that divorce. Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise as well, so Woman’s Day is claiming that Holmes is dating yet another of Kidman’s exes. An anonymous tipster told the magazine that Kravitz and Holmes hooked up at a Fashion Week party before running the story back to say the hook-up probably happened, so even the tabloid couldn’t keep the phony story straight. Gossip Cop spoke to Holmes’ rep who laughed this story off.

Could Justin Theroux Be Dating Holmes?

You can see the tactic tabloids employ of shoehorning famous divorcee’s into relationships. Woman’s Day are the culprits once again for saying Holmes was secretly dating Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband Justin Theroux. Apparently the two “lovers of their home city of New York” had escalated their relationship. Why are all New Yorkers dating all of a sudden? Holmes’ rep told Gossip Cop that “Katie doesn’t know Justin.” There’s no wiggle room there, and this story was completely made-up.

Has Katie Holmes Returned To 'First Love' Chris Klein?

Before marrying Cruise, Holmes dated American Pie star Chris Klein. According to New Idea, Holmes started watching Klein’s show Sweet Magnolias. She naturally realized he was her true love so she started friendly communication. Is Holmes madly in love or just sending friendly texts? The tabloid can’t decide, so Gossip Cop happily busted the story. It’s nice to live in a fantasy world where actors see their former flames in movies and shows and experience self actualization, but this never happened.


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