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Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux have both gone through high-profile marriages and subsequent divorces with Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston respectively. That's pretty much the only thing they have in common, but some tabloids still feel the need to invent news stories about the actors getting together. Here are some times Gossip Cop busted the tabloid world for wrongly pairing up Holmes and Theroux.

Early last November, Star kicked things off with a phony report that that Theroux and Holmes were "secretly dating." A supposed insider told the tabloid that the actors had a "top-secret meetup" at a New York City restaurant — not much of a secret if it was in public, was it? The insider contended that it was a "revenge romance" following Justin Theroux's split from Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes' breakup with her boyfriend, Jamie Foxx. It was a pretty ridiculous story: Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes' spokesperson for comment, who told us the story was made-up and that "Katie doesn't know Justin." That's right: The tabloid was pairing up two people who haven't even met.

Less than a week later, Woman's Day picked up the narrative with a bogus story about how Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise were "upset" about their exes getting together. Cruise was said to be "humiliated" that Holmes would date Theroux, supposedly one of his "buddies." (Not the main point, but it should be noted there's no actual evidence that Cruise and Theroux are friends.) Aniston, meanwhile, allegedly felt "hurt" to have found out about the romance from the press instead of Theroux himself. However, as Gossip Cop had pointed out a few days earlier, Theroux and Holmes aren't linked in any way and don't even know each other.

And yet, despite this, a week later Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux were "getting serious," according to Woman's Day. The tabloid didn't have any real evidence to back up this new claim, but it added that the couple were "trying very badly" to take things slow for the sake of Holmes' daughter, Suri, who was supposedly supportive of the relationship and "convinced her mom to go for it." It would actually be a pretty sweet story by tabloid standards if any of it were true. But, as Gossip Cop said before, they don't know each other. They just both live in New York City and have dated other famous people.

Woman's Day let go of this silly rumor for a few months, but it was back again at the end of March with a story similar to the first one Gossip Cop covered here about Holmes and Theroux going on secret dates. "They've been sneaking around the city inconspicuously, which they could never do in Los Angeles," another alleged insider claimed, who added that Holmes had introduced Suri to Theroux, a sign things were getting serious. Of course, the tabloid had run a story several months ago claiming the same thing: Theroux couldn't have met Suri a second time. The magazine couldn't get its story straight.

Just a few days later, Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux's nonexistent relationship had progressed even further, with NW writing that they were having a baby together. Holmes supposedly told Theroux that she was "longing for another child before its too late," as the 41-year-old's "already-ticking biological clock" was in "overdrive" after seeing Theroux bond with Suri. Gossip Cop dismissed the story. On top of being complete nonsense, it's just insulting to Holmes and women in general. One more time for the people in the back: Holmes and Theroux are not dating. They haven't met, and they just live in the same huge city.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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