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Kanye West and Caitlyn Jenner are both people who married into the Kardashian family, which might be why tabloids love pairing them up in bizarre, odd-couple stories. Gossip Cop noticed the trend while going through past busts and decided to take a second look at them. What is it about West and Jenner that inspire these outlandish tales?

While West was facing backlash as a result of several controversial statements the rapper made on social media, In Touch claimed he went to stay with Jenner amid his “divorce” from Kim Kardashian. The rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family was supposedly “keeping their distance” from West after he made a series of comments that were seen as problematic both online and in interviews. Only Jenner was still on good terms with the rapper, according to the outlet’s suspicious source. “Kanye’s been staying at Cait’s the past few nights,” snitched the so-called “insider,” who went on to describe Jenner as “literally the only woman in the Kardashian clan who’s showing him major love as he expresses his political views.”

Gossip Cop looked into this report and determined it was false. Not only was West not getting divorced from Kim Kardashian, there was no way that he could have been staying with Jenner, not that he had any need to. West was actually in Wyoming at the time of this report, working on an album. That’s thousands of miles away from where Jenner lived in Malibu, so obviously he couldn’t have been staying with her.

The gossip site HollywoodLife soon picked up the trail and added their own peculiar twist. Now West had supposedly found an “unlikely friend” in Jenner and the two were reconnecting and talking politics behind Kim Kardashian’s back. “Kanye’s just happy to talk to someone who gets him, and Cait feels the same way,” an “insider” told the blog. The conversations had to be kept on the down low, however, since Jenner and her ex-wife, Kris, weren’t exactly “on the best of terms,” and since Kardashian was “loyal to her mom and wants nothing to do with Cait,” West thought it best if his wife was unaware of his new friendship with Jenner.

It was literally impossible for us here at Gossip Cop to believe this story. We checked in with Jenner’s rep, who told us it was 100 percent “false” that the former Olympian was conducting secret political talks with West behind the Kardashian family’s back. This was yet another outlet simply seeking to exploit the exploding interest in Kanye West following his controversial remarks.

One of the more outrageous claims came from the National Enquirer. The untrustworthy tabloid reported that West and Jenner were becoming a “couple.” Once again, West’s remarks on social media were supposedly the reason why West was growing closer to Jenner. An alleged source for the publication claimed Jenner and West would be “texting and calling each other late into the night.” This was the line that became this tall tale’s downfall.

A day before this story was originally published, West tweeted that he’d gotten rid of his phone two weeks earlier, which had made him unreachable. Add to that, Gossip Cop had already busted this tabloid’s sister outlet, OK!, for making a similar claim. In that article, it was alleged that Jenner and West were having late night chats. When we reached out to Jenner’s rep, we were informed that this rumor was “false.”

The National Enquirer proved yet again that they know nothing about either West or Jenner. The often debunked tabloid claimed Jenner had tapped West to be her best man at her wedding to Sophia Hutchins. The outlet claimed that West had supported Jenner when she was at her “most vulnerable,” so she was paying back the rapper’s kindness and “honor him with the role as ‘best man.'” There was one glaring problem with this story that brought the lies tumbling down.

Gossip Cop has debunked endless stories that have insisted that Hutchins and Jenner are in a romantic relationship. They are not. The two ladies are nothing more than friends and business partners, despite what the tabloids would have people believe. Since they aren’t in a romantic relationship, there’s no chance that the two of them are getting hitched, therefore West wouldn’t be taking on the role of best man. This story was simply nonsense from beginning to end, which Jenner’s rep once again confirmed for us.

It seems like the only reason both Caitlyn Jenner and Kanye West are paired in the tabloids is because they have both expressed conservative political views and because they both married into the same family. Other than those two factors, West and Jenner don’t really have much in common. These supermarket rags simply use these stars’ recognizable names to make a profit.


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