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Kaia Gerber is 18 and has already been subjected to far too many lousy stories about her love life. The personal lives of teenagers should really not be public information, no matter if that person is a model or has famous parents as Gerber does. With alarming regularity we have debunked many Gerber rumors. For what it’s worth, Gerber has not publicly acknowledged any present relationship.

She May Have Gotten Too Close To Justin Bieber

A principal player in so many bogus Gerber stories is her supermodel mother, Cindy Crawford. She apparently disapproves of just about anyone Gerber could befriend or date. When Gerber was only sixteen years old when NW started speculation about her and “Love Yourself” singer Justin Beiber. Crawford was not pleased, an unnamed “source” said, as “Cindy has told Kaia she needs to think twice about who she surrounds herself with.” Gossip Cop busted this fake parenting story. While Gerber and Beiber were spotted at a birthday party together, there were no signs of anything for Crawford to be even the slightest bit concerned about.

Apparently She’s Pregnant With Pete Davidson’s Child, So They Must Elope

Kaia Gerber did indeed date Ariana Grande’s ex-fiance and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. As one could imagine, that relationship got loads of tabloid coverage. Just one made-up story came from Star who claimed Gerber was pregnant and ready to elope. Davidson was apparently refusing to sign a prenup, much to Crawford and father Rande Gerber’s chagrin. A rep for the Crawford’s told Gossip Cop on the record “it is all fiction.” Davidson and Gerber later broke up, as young couples often do.

Kaia Gerber And Lili Reinhart Battling Over Cole Sprouse

Apparently Gerber was getting far too close to the cast of Riverdale. Star are the culprits once again, claiming Gerber was coming between Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse. Reinhart was apparently upset over some flirty interactions Sprouse and Gerber have had, suspicions that were well-founded according to a “pal close to” Sprouse. This is the kind of drama one can find on Riverdale, a fictional story for a fictional program. Sprouse has taken to Instagram himself to brush away any rumors about himself and Gerber.

Could Cara Delevingne Be The One?

The most recent bogus love story comes from Heat who claim Gerber and fellow friend and model Cara Delevingne are dating. The two were spotted at a protest standing close together and maybe even holding hands. Since it was a massive protest, standing close together was unfortunately mandatory. Gossip Cop busted this story, as there’s really no evidence that the two are anything more than friends. The bogus story was followed by another by Woman's Day making the same claim, but, this time, once again, Cindy Crawford was supposedly upset about it. Neither story is factual.


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