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Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston separated in 2017 and ever since, the tabloids have been filled with bogus stories about who he is supposedly dating and why. The list, filled with A-listers, is as false as it is impressive.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston smiling together.
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Everything Relates Back To Jennifer Aniston

Almost every story the tabloids invent somehow connects back to Justin Theroux’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Whether it’s an old friend of hers, like Courteney Cox, or the ex-wife of her ex-husband, Angelina Jolie, somehow they all connect back. So much so that the National Enquirer, in a truly meta-kind-of-way, recently claimed Aniston was “spying” on Theroux and his love life.

Calling Aniston a “busybody,” the supermarket tabloid quoted a suspicious source as saying, “Justin has been dating a long string of ladies, and Jen has been trying to find out what she can about ALL of them!” The silly story even claimed Aniston’s motivation for supposedly “getting cozy” with Brad Pitt was to make Justin Theroux jealous. Though the unreliable paper doesn’t mention any names, plenty have been thrown around by various publications.

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Angelina Jolie Did Not Pursue Justin Theroux

Gossip Cop has repeatedly debunked the idea that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are back together, but that didn’t stop NW from claiming they were engaged in December 2018 and then, a month later, it followed the story up by alleging that, in a fit of jealousy, Angelina Jolie was pursuing a relationship with Justin Theroux. While we give the tabloid credit for creativity, it gets no points for honesty.

"Ange made it her mission to sleep with Justin,” a supposed ‘insider” told the unreliable magazine, adding, "She was relentless in her pursuit of him. She bombarded him with script offers and flirty texts.” The whole premise was ludicrous, of course. Really, it was just a new way for the gossip media to bash Angelina Jolie, which is a popular sport with these rags.

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston on a red carpet together.
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Courteney Cox Wasn’t Getting Revenge Either

Last August, OK! purported Courteney Cox was so angry with Jennifer Aniston, that she had decided to help plan Justin Theroux’s birthday party. Wait, what? Did we read that right? Getting revenge by planning a birthday party? What grade do these tabloids think these stars are in?

Yep, revenge party planning was the claim. According to a dubious source, "Courteney didn't organize Jen's 50th at the Sunset Tower, so Jen can't get her head around why her so-called best friend has gone behind her back to make such an effort with Justin." That, according to the “insider” left Aniston “in tears.”

Cox’s motivation for this was, according to the often discredited tabloid, to get revenge on Aniston for teaming up with Reese Witherspoon for The Morning Show. Honestly, it’s like OK! had a contest among its writers to see who could invent the stupidest story and the winner would get published. Gossip Cop easily debunked the nonsense at the time, of course.

Selena Gomez at the Frozen II premiere
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What About Selena Gomez?

Occasionally, the tabloids do steer clear of embarrassingly false stories about revenge hook-ups and invent entire unique, but equally bogus, relationships Justin Theroux is supposedly involved in. One such relationship was with singer Selena Gomez.

What started as an innocent Instagram post by Theroux with a dog in which he tagged Gomez, turned into a slew of phony stories, each more ridiculous than the last. NW pushed this angle especially hard, including one article involving Aniston. That silly story alleged Gomez was such a fan of Aniston’s, she wanted to date the Friends star’s ex and “steal” her life. The first story, based on the Instagram post less crazy-sounding, but just as false. According to the tabloid Theroux was "crushing hard" on Gomez, but he wasn't, the two just share a love of dogs. Gossip Cop busted both of these tall tales.

Justin Theroux, Jennifer Connelly, Lea Seydoux and Emma Stone attend Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise Colle
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Justin Theroux And Emma Stone?

In early 2018, Justin Theroux sat next to Emma Stone at a fashion show in Paris. While most people would see that as two stars at a star-studded event with seats next to each other, NW saw much, much more. "Justin seemed very into Emma. He kept leaning over to talk to her. It was obvious that he was flirting with her,” an insider supposedly told tabloid.

And yes, of course, the outlet dragged Jennifer Aniston’s name into the mix, with the seemingly all-knowing insider saying Aniston was “stung” by the situation. None of this fairy tale was true, as Gossip Cop pointed out when we debunked the story at the time.

Still, later that year the National Enquirer claimed Theroux was dating Stone and Selena Gomez at the time. Plus Sienna Miller and Zoe Buckman as well. It was like a greatest hits record, as the tabloid just threw every name the gossip media had falsely connected to Theroux into one big sham of an article.

Jennifer Connelly And Justin Theroux Must Be True, Right?

No, Jennifer Connelly wasn’t “getting too close” to Justin Theroux last year, as Star alleged in a phony report. Yes, she was also seated near Theroux at the same fashion show as Emma Stone, but like Stone, Theroux didn't immediately start dating her as a result. Not only was the story insulting to Connelly and her husband of 17 years, Paul Bettany, the whole premise was completely bogus.

Irina Shayk in a brown coat, modeling on a runway.
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How About Secret Dates With Irina Shayk?

Yep, that’s another bogus rumor started by none other than NW last summer. In what the magazine called an “exes exchange,” the dubious outlet followed up on another story Gossip Cop debunked a month prior asserting Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper were “getting close” with this one, contending Justin Theroux and Irina Shayk were going on secret dates in Los Angeles in response.

Once again, the tabloid gets credit for creativity, it sounds like the plot of a romantic comedy. Like romantic comedies, however, it was also pure fiction. Neither story was remotely true, it was all just dreamt up in the heads of bored writers at NW.

Close up of Katie Holmes smiling.
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The Latest False Reports Involve Katie Holmes

Gossip Cop still isn’t sure where this phony narrative came from but we’ve busted multiple stories this year claiming Justin Theroux and Katie Holmes are secretly dating. It started in November with an article in Star purporting the Dawson’s Creek star and Theroux were “getting revenge” on their exes, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston, respectively. Honestly, can’t these this magazines come up with a more interesting or believable angle than revenge dating with Theroux?

Yet, the phony premise persists. First, Woman's Day alleged Holmes and Theroux were going on secret dates, sound familiar? Then NW upped the ante by purporting Holmes was not only dating Theroux, but they were now living together and trying to get pregnant. Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes' rep when the story was published and not only was the story now true, but it seems the two have never even met, or if they have, only in passing. The tabloids simply took random stars who both live in New York City, and invented a relationship.

So Who Is Justin Theroux Dating?

That is the bottom line and the fact is, if Justin Theroux is dating anyone, he’s not letting on publicly. In fact he hasn’t been attached to anyone since his divorce from Jennifer Aniston and that just might be why all these tabloids keep publishing these made up stories and crazy rumors. When there is a vacuum in celebrity news, the supermarket tabloids will fill it with anything and everything. It’s why this magazines can’t be trusted.


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