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Last year, a tabloid reported that Justin Bieber was in the doghouse with Hailey Baldwin because she found out he once had a fling with Tiffany Trump, the fourth child of Donald Trump. Gossip Cop looked into the story when it came out. Here’s what we found out.

Justin Bieber's Fling Landed Him In Hot Water?

Last November, NW claimed that Baldwin stormed out on Bieber after discovering he hooked up with Tiffany years ago. A source stated that “it was too much” for the model. “She found out from one of her old girlfriends who also knows Tiffany. Hailey's world turned upside down. She confronted Justin about it and while he insists they never slept together, it was still enough to make her walk out of there," they claimed.

The magazine revealed that Baldwin was usually accepting of the pop star’s past, but the “Tiffany situation” was different. The insider disclosed that not only did Bieber fail to tell Baldwin about this “hookup,” but the model also feared the “Lonely” singer still had a thing for Tiffany. The unnamed informant revealed, "Everyone knew associating with a Trump in Hollywood is career suicide, so Hailey didn't understand why Justin would insist they go to Tiffany's Fourth of July party last year,” adding that Baldwin finally knew why.

Hailey Still Fears Justin Will Cheat On Her?

The anonymous insider further explained that Tiffany Trump ended the romance with Bieber because of her father's orders, which left her devastated. The source then goes back to talk about Baldwin’s “anxiety” over the singer’s loyalty. "Hailey was one of many girls he dated when they first hooked up and she's had to climb over countless beauties to win his heart,” the insider stated. They concluded by saying that Baldwin was “convinced Bieber cheated on her during their engagement.” But with Tiffany Trump, the tabloid asserted, Baldwin had some “serious competition.”

The Truth Behind Justin's 'Hook Up' And Hailey's 'Anxiety'

Gossip Cop busted the phony story when it came out for various reasons. First, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin never attended a party hosted by Tiffany Trump for the Fourth of July. Last year, the trio was at an Independence Day soiree at the Bridgehampton estate of David Rosenberg and Tinamarie Clark, and as Gossip Cop pointed out, Tiffany Trump just happened to go with her friends. Also, Gossip Cop has clarified that Bieber has no connections, romantic or platonic, to Tiffany or her family. Plus, given the magazine’s unreliability when it comes to reporting on Bieber, it was hard to believe this bogus story.

For instance, NW created a ridiculous story that Hailey Baldwin refused to marry Justin Bieber because of his acne last August. Really? How silly does that sound? Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting the rumor, especially since Baldwin and Bieber wed twice. The same publication also asserted that Bieber was fantasizing about his exes. How would the magazine know what the singer is thinking? We dismissed the story at the time. Overall, the tabloid has no real insight into the spouses' lives and should leave the facts to more reputable outlets.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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