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Julia Roberts met cameraman Danny Moder on the set of The Mexican in 2000. On Independence Day 2002, the two got married and since then, they welcomed three children. As they approach nearly twenty years together, Roberts and Moder look as in love as ever.

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Perhaps it’s because Moder isn’t an actor, or maybe it's the fact that fame will inevitably lead to tabloid gossip, but Roberts often finds herself in the center of tabloid drama. Here are some rumors debunked by Gossip Cop about Roberts and marriage.

Matthew McConaughey And Julia Roberts' Flirty Table Read

Fast Times at Ridgemont High was going to have a star-studded table read on August 21. McConaughey and Roberts were said to have gotten a little flirty at the remote event, which made Moder jealous. According to New Idea, McConaughey “is the only man Danny… has actually stopped Julia from starring opposite” out of fear that she would leave him. Gossip Cop easily busted this story because the table read ended up getting delayed, proving the tabloid story was outright false. It's impossible for Moder to be envious of something that didn't happen, and by all accounts, he trusts and loves his wife more than this tale would have you believe.

Denzel Washington Makes Danny Moder Jealous

The Malcolm X star and Roberts are set to work together again on Leave the World Behind. Moder is once again jealous of his wife's co-stars, according to Woman’s Day. Moder now feels “anxious” and “nervous” because of the “long and very interesting past” between Roberts and Washington. While the two were co-stars in the '90s, both Roberts and Washington have been married for a long time, which threw this article into doubt.

George Clooney Leans On Roberts To Endure Marriage Crisis

Woman’s Day was at it again with this story that reported that Clooney made a “shock confession: I love Julia.” Amid a “dire situation with Amal” and Roberts dreaming of George as “the one who got away,” the tabloid wrote that “with potential divorces looming, it may be the perfect time to admit their feelings and take the plunge.” The perfect time would actually be after the divorces, but that’s not relevant because the story was completely bogus. The tabloid couldn’t offer any details about George and Amal’s “marriage crisis,” nor was there any evidence that Roberts was having any problems with Moder, let alone cheat.

A Huge Argument Over Leonardo DiCaprio

Seemingly every tabloid would have you believe that Moder is jealous of every man Roberts has ever met. Woman’s Day said an “all-out argument” occurred between Roberts and Moder because she was photographed with DiCaprio at a charity gala. An “onlooker” told the magazine that Roberts “seemed quite smitten with [DiCaprio],” which meant that Moder “was often left out of their cozy chats.” The argument allegedly happened on the drive home, which begs the question of how anyone could possibly know about it. Contrary to this report, trustworthy reports indicated that Roberts and Moder “were sweetly inseparable” at the gala, and so Gossip Cop debunked the story as just another wrong piece of gossip about the happy couple.


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