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John Mayer has been attached to some of the biggest stars in world. He’s dated Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, among others. As a result, the Dead & Co. guitarist has been the focus of a lot of phony tabloid reports, both about his actual relationships and about a few the gossip media simply invented, seemingly out of thin air. Gossip Cop has rounded up just a few of the stories we debunked over the years.

Cazzie David Dating John Mayer?

First, the fake relationships, starting back in 2018 when OK! was inspired to concoct a fanciful tale that Mayer was dating Cazzie David, daughter of comedian Larry David. The unreliable outlet falsely stated that after David appeared on Mayer’s Instagram Live show Current Mood, it must mean David and Mayer had “struck up a romance.”

Of course, that wasn’t true. John Mayer and Cassie David have been friends for a longtime and in fact, she’s appeared on Current Mood more than just one time. Just recently she appeared on the show to talk about dating during a pandemic. Mind you, she’s not dating Mayer, she’s was just there to talk about relationships in general. She wasn’t dating Mayer in 2018 either.

Halsey And John Mayer Are Friends With Benefits?

Once again, a tabloid invented a tall tale based on one of Mayer’s guests on Current Mood. This time, it was the multi-talent Halsey and her supposed FWB situation with the “Your Body Is A Wonderland” singer. Star asserted that because Mayer and Halsey have a lot of fun on social media together than “behind closed doors” there is more going on.

There wasn’t, and there isn’t. The tabloid was simply making it up. Not only did the two musicians directly dispute the silly story, Gossip Cop confirmed with a source close to Mayer that the whole idea was “dumb.” Halsey especially took offense, writing in a tweet,

“I just had a ground breaking idea. What if...we let female artists...have friends...without assuming that they are sleeping together?”

John Mayer and Katy Perry together in 2014
(Getty Images)

Was He Upset About Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom?

Not only does the gossip media like to falsely propose new relations, the tabloids also love to dream up fake scenarios with his exes as well. Take, for example, the time Star purported Mayer was upset about his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry getting engaged to Orlando Bloom. A questionable source supposedly told the magazine, "When John's depressed, he drinks. And he's been drinking a lot lately."

The whole thing was completely bogus, of course. When Gossip Cop busted the story, we did so because our source close to Mayer told us it was "totally fictitious." The tabloid had absolutely no insight into the Mayer’s feelings.

John Mayer whispering in Jennifer Aniston's ear in 2009.
(Getty Images)

Rebounding With Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston’s most famous ex is Brad Pitt. Sometimes, the tabloids back off their constant barrage of bogus stories about Pitt and Aniston and connect the Friends star with another one of her exes, notably John Mayer in this instance. Most recently, the National Enquirer made this ridiculous claim in April.

In the story, the tabloid contended Aniston was “rebounding” with Mayer and rekindling her relationship with Pitt, except Pitt had since connected with Alia Shawkat. There was so many false statements, it was hard to clear it up, but Gossip Cop did, of course. First, Pitt and Aniston weren’t dating. Second, Pitt and Shawkut weren’t dating. Third, and most importantly here, Jennifer Aniston wasn’t dating John Mayer again. Like all the rest of the stories, it was just another fabrication by the tabloids to sell papers and wasn’t based in any kind of reality.


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