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John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s marriage has been picked apart to pieces by the tabloid media. Some outlets have even speculated that the powerhouse couple behind the wildly popular horror-thriller A Quiet Place might even split up. Gossip Cop took a look back through our archives to get a better understanding of just where Blunt and Krasinski’s marriage stands today.

Emily Blunt, John Krasinski "Bickering?"

Last spring, OK! ran a story with the headline, “John & Emily: Trouble In Paradise?” The two actors were apparently facing marital trouble. The outlet quoted a source who insisted, “They've been going through a rough patch,” and the couple were either constantly “bickering or not speaking at all.” Apparently Krasinski’s rising fame was causing tension between him and his wife.

"In the beginning, Emily was the bigger star and John was extremely accommodating when it came to her schedule," the suspicious source snitched. "But these days, he has just as much star power and is super busy. He's got a lot riding on his shoulders, and the pressure to turn out another hit is huge right now." The outlet cited Krasinski’s success with A Quiet Place as proof of the actor’s rising star power, but he’d already amassed a huge amount of popularity thanks to his role as Jim Halpert on The Office. Gossip Cop also checked in with Blunt and Krasinski spokesperson, who called the rumor “ridiculous.” Obviously this was just mean-spirited false reporting.

Krasinski Acting "Weird?"

Just a month later, that same outlet claimed that Blunt just wanted her husband to stop acting “weird” while he was working on the sequel to A Quiet Place. Apparently Blunt was slightly embarrassed by her husband’s behavior while he was scouting locations for the film and trying to fit in with the locals. "He's just been trying too hard,” an anonymous “insider” told the outlet. “He's doing weird stuff like shaking people's hands wherever he goes and saying, 'Howdy.' He'll wear lumberjack shirts so he can fit in and is going to bars to chow down on wings and beer. It's becoming pretty gluttonous."

Krasinski’s colleagues supposedly wanted Blunt to give Krasinski a “wake-up call” when she arrived in town to begin filming. "Hopefully, she can calm John down a bit before he really embarrasses himself," the source concluded. The story sounded too ridiculous to be believed, so Gossip Cop reached out to the couple’s spokesperson once again and were told the story was “completely untrue,” which confirmed our hunch. The only entity that ought to be embarrassed is the publication that pushed this phony narrative, but OK! isn’t the type to learn from its mistakes.

Closer Than Ever?

To round out their year of false rumors, the magazine published an article this spring claiming Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were “stronger than ever” after enduring the coronavirus pandemic, which shut down production and the release of the highly anticipated A Quiet Place II. This shameless tabloid had spent the past year tearing at the marriage only to claim later that everything was hunky dory for the couple with sappy quotes from almost certainly fake sources like, “They're blissfully happy and always laughing. They love the life they've created.” This is just another way tabloids always make sure to cover their tracks.

Crappy supermarket gossip rags like this one will spend a year claiming a couple is on the verge of divorce or constantly fighting, then follow it up with a piece claiming they’ve saved their marriage or that they’re “happier than ever.” These outlets have no real clue what’s going on in these marriages, which is why they have to cover all their bases. Gossip Cop is always on the lookout for bad players and will always be here to separate fact from fiction.


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