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Could anything be more hurtful than being “snubbed” from a friend’s wedding? Last year, a tabloid reported this happened to Jennifer Aniston. The magazine stated Aniston wasn’t apart of her longtime pal's, Courteney Cox, wedding to Johnny McDaid. Now, Gossip Cop did investigate the story when it came out. Today, we’re taking a look back at this story and what went down between the two.

Courteney Cox Dissed Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox played best friends on the hit sitcom, Friends. Their respective characters, Rachel Greene and Monica Gellar were joined by the hip. However, Woman’s Day revealed that wasn’t the case in reality. 365 days ago, the magazine disclosed Aniston wasn’t invited to Cox and Johnny McDaid’s Christmas wedding. According to the tabloid, Aniston and her other Friends co-stars weren’t among the lucky guests that were sent “save-the-dates” for the Cox and McDaid’s ceremony.

Jennifer's Heartbreak

The publication’s insider was quoted stating Aniston “broke down in tears” when she learned from a “mutual friend” about the wedding. Woman's Day wrote that the unnamed friend had the invite "sitting on a shelf in their home" which “devastated” Aniston. “She considered Courteney to be her sister. She never imagined she wouldn’t be there to watch her walk down the aisle,” added the source.

Woman’s Day further disclosed the reason why Cox banned Aniston from her wedding was due to the costars getting into a brawl after Cox met up with Aniston’s ex-husband, Justin Theroux, for his birthday. The outlet continued that regardless of this dispute, Aniston wanted “reconcile” with Cox before things couldn’t be fixed.

Courteney And Jennifer Are Really Friends In Real Life

Yet, there was one big problem with this story. Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid weren’t engaged and they definitely weren't planning a wedding. The two called off their engagement in 2015 but reconciled in 2016 and are just boyfriend and girlfriend. To this day, Cox still refers to McDaid as her boyfriend. Therefore, the phony wedding narrative was completely fabricated. As for Cox and Jennifer Aniston's friendship, that was also untrue. Despite Woman’s Day bogus report, the former cast-mates are very much close. The longtime friends plus Lisa Kudrow were just seen together for the Emmys.

At the time, Gossip Cop busted the bogus tale, and we still stand by our false verdict. Moreover, Woman’s Day has a very poor track record when it comes to its pieces on Aniston. For example, at the beginning of this year, the unreliable magazine claimed Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were expecting twin girls. Gossip Cop corrected the narrative by once again reminding readers that Aniston and Pitt aren’t together.

Last week, we busted the tabloid for claiming Aniston was testifying on behalf of Pitt during his divorce proceedings with Angelina Jolie. This also wasn’t true. Aniston may be friends with her ex-husband but Gossip Cop doubted the actress would be involved in his legal battles.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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