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Friendship among celebrities isn’t uncommon, particularly since many entertainers often work together or run in the same social circle. Take, for instance, Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel. Aniston and Kimmel have been friends for quite some time, but rumors have suggested the two have dealt with some drama throughout the years. Gossip Cop has compiled a few stories we’ve investigated about the two and where their friendship stands today.

Jimmy Kimmel Took Justin Theroux's Side In The Divorce?

In 2018, In Touch purported that Jennifer Aniston was furious at Jimmy Kimmel for having Justin Theroux as a guest on his show. According to the tabloid, the actress felt “betrayed” Kimmel featured her former husband on his late-night show. The magazine further stated that Kimmel's alliance laid with Theroux, while the host's wife, Molly McNearney, was on Aniston’s side. After investigating the report, Gossip Cop found the story to be completely fabricated. Kimmel wasn’t on anyone's side amid Aniston and Theroux’s divorce. Aniston hosted her annual “Friendsgiving” feast last year and the late-night host and Theroux were both in attendance. If there was any drama between the trio, we doubt they would celebrate a holiday together.

Jennifer Aniston Caused Issues Between Kimmel And His Wife?

In 2019, Woman’s Day alleged that Molly McNearney was upset with Kimmel and Aniston’s close friendship. The magazine purported that she wasn’t happy with the Friends star was “hijacking” her husband. An insider spilled to the publication that McNearney was “sick of Jen hanging out with them all the time,” and she wasn’t comfortable with Aniston and Kimmel going off by themselves. Gossip Cop, after looking into the story, discovered Woman’s Day didn’t have a clue about what it was reporting. Aniston has a close friendship with McNearney. The screenwriter was one of the passengers on the plane that had to make an emergency landing during Aniston’s birthday trip. Obviously, Aniston is close to Kimmel’s wife if she’s going on intimate trips with the actress.

Jimmy Kimmel Chose The Kardashians Over Aniston?

Another report we corrected last year came from Radar Online, which claimed that Aniston was upset with Kimmel for being friends with the Kardashian family. Seriously, are we in sixth grade? The notion that the Bruce Almighty star was making a fuss about who else Kimmel is friends with is just silly, especially since he’s a host of a television show that needs celebrity guests. But, the website contended, Aniston was “not impressed” with the Kardashians and she wasn’t happy with Kimmel warming up to the reality stars. Gossip Cop ran the story by a source close to Kimmel, who confirmed that the host wasn’t suddenly best buds with the Kardashians.

The Real Truth Behind Jimmy And Jen's Friendship

Jennifer Aniston controlling Jimmy Kimmel’s social circle was just too ridiculous for Gossip Cop to believe. It is quite evident Aniston and Kimmel are good friends and have no issues with one another. Gossip Cop busted other inaccurate narratives about Aniston and Kimmel’s relationship and has concluded that the tabloids just like creating drama for no reason. There's nothing dramatic or shocking going on with Aniston and Kimmel's longtime friendship.


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