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It's easy to get tied into celebrity feuds after so many years, but Gwyneth Paltrow's list of supposed enemies is surprisingly long. Gossip Cop has looked into plenty of stories about her controversial Goop brand, but the actress herself receives a fair amount of negative coverage. Here's what we've found out about Paltrow's supposed lack of popularity in Hollywood.

Julia Roberts Chooses Sides

A year or two ago, Julia Roberts supposedly got caught on the receiving end of Paltrow’s ire. According to RadarOnline, Roberts was spotted at a party held by Coldplay frontman and Paltrow's ex-husband, Chris Martin, and his longtime girlfriend, Dakota Johnson. Roberts and Martin seemed to be nothing but friendly at the get-together, which was exactly what supposedly infuriated Paltrow.

Apparently, there was a little bit of history between the three. While Roberts attended Paltrow's engagement party, she wasn't at the Goop mastermind's actual wedding — but she popped up at Martin and Johnson's celebration instead. Paltrow and Martin’s split received a ton of coverage because, in an unusual turn of events, the two celebrities seemed to have an incredibly positive separation.

"Gwyneth and Chris stayed friendly after their divorce but things have changed and it's been difficult for their mutual pals to stay friends with them both," an anonymous source revealed. Now that things had soured between the former spouses, it was time to pick sides. Julia Roberts, it seemed, “has decided she's on his."

In reality, however, things were still good between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow — better than ever, actually. The former couple's famous "conscious uncoupling" seems to have worked, as there's been no evidence of anything but a positive relationship between Paltrow, her husband, Martin, and Johnson.

Brad Pitt Picks His Preferred Ex (And It Isn’t Paltrow)

It wasn’t the only past relationship of Paltrow’s that had ultimately ended up hostile, apparently. Earlier this year, a report in the Globe said that she was one of Brad Pitt’s least favorite exes. "If they run into each other, he's polite,” an unnamed insider snitched, “but he certainly doesn't go out of his way to see her."

The source of contention in the relationship, which lasted for roughly three years in the ‘90s and saw an engagement but no wedding, was apparently Paltrow’s history of openness when it comes to her romantic life. "He's never spilled intimate details about any ex in any social situation or interview,” the source said. “He'd like her to show him the same respect."

The magazine pointed to Pitt’s relationship with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston as the platonic ideal of an ex, especially when compared with the supposedly loose-lipped Paltrow. "She's in a totally different league from how he perceives Jen, who is just about the classiest lady he knows," they add. "Brad's so passive-aggressive he just doesn't have the nerve to tell Gwyneth to her face, so he leaves the room and makes a quick exit when he sees her coming toward him!" the source claimed.

This rumor only emerged after Pitt and Aniston briefly reunited backstage at the SAG Awards, and it read suspiciously like it only exists to capitalize on the hype of seeing Pitt and one of his most popular exes looking happy to see each other. Of course, it reads like that because that's the truth — nothing about Pitt and Paltrow's decades-old former relationship is that dramatic, so the tabloid invented something spicy to go along with the photos of Pitt and Aniston. Gwyneth Paltrow has publicly said that she and Pitt are still friendly, and Pitt's done such a good job remaining mum about his past that this tabloid's "insider" is nothing but unbelievable.

Jessica Alba Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

It's not just former flames that start drama for Paltrow. There's been a bevy of stories about Paltrow not getting along with a certain co-star for some silly reason, but one of the most noticeable is OK!'s 2017 story on her fights with Jessica Alba. Alba and Paltrow served as judges for Apple's short-lived show Planet of the Apps alongside Gary Vaynerchuk and The two actresses were put against one another by the magazine due to the fact that both own a lifestyle brand — Paltrow has Goop, while Alba has The Honest Company. Two women can't simply be successful in the tabloid world, so they had to fight.

"Jessica and Gwyneth are like oil and water," an anonymous source argued. "It's shocking they even agreed to do this together." Paltrow, the tipster claimed, sees Alba's brand as a threat and "seethes that Honest was valued at a billion dollars." Apparently, when she was off camera, she'd even "take digs at the fact that the company was sued over some of its product ingredients."

"The two also have different work styles," the insider continued, seemingly trying to find any excuse for the two actresses to disagree with one another. "Gwyneth is a delegator, while Jess likes to roll up her sleeves... Producers are going nuts trying to keep things peaceful." Shockingly, the source on the show seemed so focused on the imaginary feud that they didn't even mention that the show was effectively dead in the water. It was cancelled after its first season, nipping the Paltrow-Alba storyline in the bud.

For what it's worth, Gossip Cop's sources close to the show shrugged off the rumors entirely, and Gwyneth Paltrow's publicly said that she doesn't feel any sort of competitive need to scrap with other women in Hollywood, much to the tabloids' dismay. Unsurprisingly, this story was just another work of fiction trying to stir up drama about the sometimes controversial actress. Regardless of how one feels about Paltrow or Goop, it's always important to check out the facts before starting up a feud fight.


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