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George and Amal Clooney are one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and well-liked couples – so of course tabloid media delights in trying to tear them down. They’ve been subjected to bogus rumors about their marriage since they tied the knot in 2014 – and somehow, that trend has continued into the new decade. Here are four times Gossip Cop debunked phony stories about the Clooneys in this year alone.

Had George And Amal Clooney Been Living Apart For Months? 

In late February, Woman’s Day published a story alleging that the couple had hardly seen each other since a joint trip to New York in October – and “even then, you could tell things were tense between them,” said a so-called “source.” Gossip Cop pointed out a few key missing details: first, on that trip to New York they happily celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Second, they had in fact been living together in the UK while George was shooting his upcoming movie, The Midnight Sky.

So Were They ‘Drifting Apart,’ Then? 

A similar article in an April issue of Life & Style contended that the Clooneys were drifting apart over where their family should live. While George supposedly preferred Los Angeles, Amal was said to favor England and had “never liked LA.” Gossip Cop pointed out, as we had in previous articles, that George’s spokesperson had explained that the Clooneys “never left LA,” because “they life in London AND LA.” The couple divide their time between the two locations, which isn’t surprising considering each one’s busy travel schedules.

Quarantine Takes Its Toll – Or Heals All Wounds? 

It’s always funny when two different tabloids publish stories that directly contradict one another. It’s even funnier when those two tabloids are owned by the same company. At the end of April, Gossip Cop caught sister publications Star and the Globe publishing opposing narratives about the Clooneys. The Globe wrote that the power couple were headed for a “$500 million divorce” in the confinement of the ongoing pandemic. Meanwhile, Star insisted that living in close quarters under quarantine had “really put the romance back in their relationship” and saved their flagging marriage.

Neither story was true. The Clooneys were not headed for a ludicrously expensive divorce. Nor was theirs marriage struggling, so it wasn’t accurate to say the quarantine has “saved” it. American Media, Inc., the company that owns both these outlets, should really make sure its publications coordinate their lies so it’s not so easy to debunk them.

At The Breaking Point? 

Finally, last month Gossip Cop shot down a story from New Idea alleging, like the others before it, that the Clooneys had reached a “breaking point” in their marriage. The article claimed they were having “explosive fights over their different parenting styles,” accompanied by a paparazzi photos of the spouses supposedly fighting while out on a walk on the beach. If you actually look at the photos, there’s nothing to indicate they were remotely unhappy. Once again, it was obvious just how little evidence these outlets have to go on when publishing this nonsense.


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