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Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the most popular person in Hollywood right now, having dealt with several recent controversies. But one thing that has always been clear is the strength of her relationship with Portia de Rossi, to whom she has been married since 2008. Despite their long-established romance, many tabloids have tried to push rumors that all is not well with the couple. Here are some recent phony rumors Gossip Cop has busted about DeGeneres and de Rossi’s relationship.

Living Apart?

In March, In Touch wrote that de Rossi had separated from DeGeneres, allegedly moving out of their house in Los Angeles and into their home in Montecito. The point of contention, supposedly, was that de Rossi wanted her wife to retire as a TV host, who was “working more than ever.” They’ve reached the breaking point,” an unnamed source said. “Hopefully, some time apart will do them good.” Gossip Cop was assured by a source close to the couple that the story was nonsense.

The Breaking Point?

The following month, Woman’s Day similarly claimed that the couple’s marriage had reached “the breaking point.” DeGeneres had recently come under fire after a viral Twitter thread accused her of diva-like off-camera behavior, which supposedly translated into her marriage as well. “Ellen has always had the upper hand over Portia and that’s the way she likes it,” the tabloid wrote, adding that de Rossi likely wouldn’t leave her despite their alleged problems because DeGeneres “could easily run Portia out of town if they were to break-up.” Gossip Cop dismissed this story as well: de Rossi has been frequently posting photos and videos to Instagram featuring her and her wife enjoying their time together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Moving On?

Despite this narrative being continuously proved false, NW came in with its own story about it in May. That tabloid contended that de Rossi had “moved on” from DeGeneres, moving from L.A. to Montecito with no plans to return “any time soon.” Once again, the article claimed the issue had to do with DeGeneres’ busy work schedule. Gossip Cop debunked that one by pointing out that almost identical March article we’d already been assured was bogus.

Huge Financial Losses?

Because it just cant help itself, In Touch published a story just last week about how DeGeneres was supposedly losing millions of dollars in real estate because of the coronavirus pandemic. DeGeneres frequently flips houses as a hobby, and the tabloid suggested that she was “scrambling to protect her fortune” amid a sudden “cash crunch” due to the pandemic. The couple had supposedly listed their house for $58 million. De Rossi, another mysterious source said, “doesn’t understand Ellen’s obsession with money,” arguing that it was “causing major issues in their relationship.”

As Gossip Cop had clarified again and again, de Rossi and DeGeneres are not having problems in their relationship. They’re not on the brink of divorce. There was no proof they were having money troubles either: Variety had reported a few weeks earlier that DeGeneres might be interested in selling the house, but it had not been publicly listed, so the tabloid had no way of knowing how much they’d be selling it for.


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