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It’s an obvious fact that there’s not much that former President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump agree on. The two leaders of the United States have been very open recently about how much they don’t get along, but there have been rumors of behind-the-scenes tensions and backbiting for years. Gossip Cop looked back through our archives to remember back on the alleged fights and sneaky maneuvers each are rumored to have done over the last four years.

Barack Obama Planned To "Steal Back White House?"

Just a month after Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, the National Enquirer reported that Barack Obama was already secretly plotting ways to “steal back the White House.” The article began with a bombshell allegation, “Ex-president Barack Obama has hatched a calculated behind-the-scenes plot to win back the Oval Office — for his wife, Michelle!” A so-called “political-operative” told the outlet,

Obama makes a show of being gracious to President Trump, but he plans to set up a ‘shadow presidency.’

Michelle and Barack Obama on stage during his farewell address
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The tabloid pointed out that the Obama family didn’t move out of D.C. immediately after Barack left office, which the outlet used as proof of the former president’s schemes. Naturally, there was no mention made of the Obamas’ younger daughter, Sasha, and the fact that the family chose to remain in town in order to keep from interfering with the teen’s schooling. Regardless of the facts, the source pressed on, insisting that Barack had “already put plans into motion to raise Michelle's profile while quietly sabotaging President Trump.”

Michelle Obama has stated repeatedly that she has no plans to run for office, and true to her word she did not run for presidential office in 2020. That would put a bit of a damper on Barack’s plans if he’d even had such plans in the first place. There was no “secret plot” to begin with, the tabloid simply made it up.

Melania Trump wearing a brown coat at the White House
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Melania Trump "Dissed" Michelle Obama With Christmas Decor?

During Donald and Melania Trump's first Christmas in the White House, HollywoodLife claimed the First Lady’s “sugar-infested Christmas decorations might be a huge diss aimed” directly at Michelle Obama. Noting that Melania had “lavishly decked the White House's Red Room out with so many candy canes, peppermint mints and lollipops, you might get a few cavities just from looking at it.” The outlet continued to wonder aloud,

This, of course, begs the question: is this new Christmas decoration a dig at Michelle Obama, 53, and her healthy living campaign Let's Move?

Gossip Cop immediately checked out of the article at this point. Just because the former First Lady promoted a healthy lifestyle that included eating healthy and staying active, doesn’t mean that she’s against candy in general. Still, we were told the accusations were “silly” and that there’s “no competition” between Michelle and Melania when it came to Christmas decorations.

Obama Asked Jay Z To Keep Hip Hop Artists From Supporting Trump?

The Trumps weren’t the only family supposedly slinging “disses” at their political foes. YourNewsWire insisted Barack Obama had contacted Jay Z and asked the rapper to keep his fellow hip hop artists from supporting President Trump. This report came in the wake of rapper Kanye West’s full-throated expressions of support for the president, which allegedly caused Barack to feel compelled to do something.

The article’s evidence was based on a random tweet from a pro-Trump activist, who gave zero proof of his own claims that Barack “called Jay-Z several times over the past month pleading to discourage fellow Hip Hop artists from meeting with President Trump.” Gossip Cop already questioned the story, so we reached out to a person close to the situation, who told us on condition of anonymity that Barack never asked Jay Z to tell other hip hop artists not to meet or support Trump.

George Clooney wearing a black tux at a movie premiere
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Barack Obama Recruiting A-List Actor To Run Against Donald Trump?

Equally false was the report from Woman’s Day that claimed Barack Obama was pushing actor George Clooney to run for president. The tabloid insisted the actor had felt drawn to running for office and was thinking about running in 2024, but the former president supposedly encouraged him to think about running against Donald Trump in 2020. Too bad for the outlet that Clooney has stated multiple times that he has no plans to run for president, and a source close to the actor informed Gossip Cop that President Obama wasn’t trying to talk him into running, either.

It’s hard to know which sources to trust when so many made up stories. One thing about the bad actors in the celebrity gossip industry is that they’ll never learn from their mistakes. Despite getting caught week after week pushing false narratives, these outlets will shamelessly do it all again next week.


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