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It’s been 365 days since Gossip Cop confronted a tabloid story about the Beckham family and booze. David Beckham had apparently taken the kids and ran off until Victoria Beckham could get her drinking under control. Since it has been a year since this story came out, Gossip Cop is taking another look.

The Beckhams' Drunken Outing Meant Divorce

NW reported that “sloshed Posh” was apparently making her home life miserable. David and the kids would be lost “if she can't get her drinking under control.” Victoria was supposed to be a drunken mess during London Fashion Week, accusing David of being unfaithful in public. At home, he allegedly responded by saying she was “starting to spiral out of control” and threatened to take the kids to Miami if she couldn’t stop. “Victoria was in a state as she begged and pleaded with him not to leave,” but David still needed space, the magazine wrote.

There Was No Outburst At Fashion Week

Gossip Cop busted this story at the time because David and Victoria were all smiles at London Fashion Week, with no report of slurred shouting or tears to be found. A rep for Victoria dismissed the tall tale as “such rubbish.” Plus, the tabloid claimed to have sources at both fashion week and inside the Beckham household. No concurring news of fashion week drinking dispels one report, and it’s pretty much impossible for the tabloid to have a source physically inside the house.

It’s also worth noting that David whisking his kids away implies that they are all very young. The couple has four children, with the eldest Brooklyn even getting engaged this year. Would he drop his whole life to move away from his "boozy" mother, too? One year later and the Beckham family is still together, with both David and Victoria regularly posting photos together.

Brooklyn’s Engagement Sparked More Rumors

This same tabloid would go on to say Victoria was planning her son's wedding to The Last Airbender star Nicola Peltz. It also claimed that David was drinking with Chloe Grace Moretz, Brooklyn's ex-girlfriend. What’s with NW and crafting stories about the Beckhams and alcohol?

A sister publication, Woman’s Day, picked up the mantle for bogus Beckham rumors when it claimed Victoria was cutting her son out of the will because he was getting married. In reality, Victoria couldn’t be happier for her son and took to Instagram to celebrate.

The Beckhams now look forward to watching their eldest son walk down the aisle. Perhaps Gossip Cop will have to bust another baseless story about drinking at the reception.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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