Kaia Gerber’s fame at such a young age can be attributed to her famous mother, Cindy Crawford. Crawford is one of the most famous models ever, and she’s assisted her daughter in carving out her own successful modeling career. Tabloids love writing dramatic stories about these two, but all evidence shows that Crawford and Gerber get along very well. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has busted about Gerber and Crawford.

Crawford Blocks Gerber From Launching Kylie Jenneresque Makeup Line

Kylie Jenner made nearly a billion from her ultra-successful makeup line, so naturally, Gerber wanted to follow suit. According to OK!, Crawford blocked her daughter from this enterprise because “she's too young to start a business” and it would “only bring stress.” An insider said Gerber thought her mom was “jealous” of her success. Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Crawford who told us on the record this whole story was false. Crawford’s been nothing but supportive of her daughter’s ambition.

Crawford Worried About Cara Delevingne?

One of Gerber’s best friends is Paper Towns star and fellow model Cara Delevingne. According to Woman’s Day, Crawford is not happy about the models dating. A supposed source said, “She has no problem with Kaia exploring her sexuality but of all people, why the most infamous party queen on the scene?” Crawford was apparently “worried sick” about her daughter. Gossip Cop busted this story because Crawford was recently spotted getting dinner with Gerber and Delevingne, so it’s safe to say she has no distaste for anyone here. Plus, the two models were not dating.

Crawford Sent Gerber To Therapy To Get Over Pete Davidson

Before Delevigne, Woman’s Day said Crawford detested Pete Davidson. It claimed Crawford “whisked” Gerber off to get “a bit of therapy for Kaia’s mind and body.” The tabloid used a photo of mother-and-daughter at a wellness retreat and pretended it was involuntary therapy. Davidson said he was the one with issues, not Gerber, and added that Crawford was “very helpful,’ so it looks like there’s no bad blood there either.

Crawford To Get Divorced Over Daughter

According to Life & Style, the controversies around Gerber and her brother Presley were causing Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber to have a billion-dollar break-up. A dubious source said “It's no secret that they're freaking out. Trying to decide how to handle their kids has been a nightmare and put a major strain on their marriage." The snitch added “No family is perfect. Even ones who seem to have it all.” Gossip Cop didn’t bust this story because the family is perfect, but because the drama in the family was incredibly exaggerated. As noted, Crawford has only been supportive of her daughter and her relationships, and the tabloid has targeted Crawford and Gerber’s marriage for years. It was just using famous names and bogus “tips” to invent conflict that wasn’t really there.


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