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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been together for 20 years and like all marriages, they have endured some struggles. Because of this, the tabloids have concocted incorrect stories about their relationship. Some of these unreliable outlets have claimed Douglas cheated or had “flirtatious” flings with other women, causing problems in his relationship with the actress. Gossip Cop has gathered a few times we’ve corrected the narrative that Douglas was unfaithful to Zeta-Jones.

Michael Douglas Had The Hots For Sharon Stone?

Two years ago, the National Enquirer alleged Catherine Zeta-Jones was “furious” about Michael Douglas reuniting with Sharon Stone. Stone and Douglas starred in the erotic thriller, Basic Instinct, in the early ’90s together. The often untrustworthy paper claimed Douglas was “eager” to team up with Stone again, which was supposedly not  sitting well with his wife. A so-called "insider" snitched that if Douglas and Stone do a project together, the Chicago actress “would be watching them like a hawk” because she was “threatened” by Stone’s beauty. Gossip Cop had learned the entire narrative was false. We were told Douglas never reached out to his former co-star in hopes of doing another film together.

Michael's "School Boy" Crush On Michelle Pfeiffer

Months later, the Globe contended Douglas and Zeta-Jones’ marriage was in trouble because of Michelle Pfeiffer. The tabloid asserted Douglas was crushing on his Ant-Man costar and acted as a “love-sick” schoolboy around Pfeiffer. The story was completely fabricated. Gossip Cop pointed out the unreliable paper more than likely concocted the story because Douglas had praised Pfeiffer during an interview in Metro a month before. This didn’t mean the actor was “crushing” on her simply because he commented on her acting skills.

Catherine Divorced Michael Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations?

At the beginning of 2019, Gossip Cop busted Star Magazine for proclaiming Zeta-Jones was divorcing Douglas. The outlet alleged the actress was “horrified” and “humiliated” after a former employee at Douglas’ production company accused him of sexual misconduct. The accuser claimed the incident occurred in the 1980s, but the tabloid maintained the actress “warned” her husband if “anything more emerged about his philandering she would leave.” The magazine didn’t do its research before creating this untrue account. Zeta-Jones had addressed the allegation against her husband in November 2018 and it was clear the actress stood by her husband, who stated the accusation was false.

Michael Douglas And Kathleen Turner's Reunion Caused Issues In His Marriage?

Recently, we corrected the Enquirer again for asserting Zeta-Jones was “jealous” over Douglas’ relationship with Kathleen Turner. In another attempt to make the Welsh actress seem insecure, the tabloid claimed Douglas and Turner “reignited their explosive relationship.” A dubious insider told the paper Zeta-Jones was “upset” over the reunion because she was aware of how close Douglas and Turner were when they starred in multiple films together three decades ago. Regardless of what this sketchy tipster attested, Gossip Cop had learned the truth. We spoke to a more qualified source, a rep for Zeta-Jones, who assured us the story was false.

No marriage is perfect. We’re certain Michal Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ marriage has faced some adversities. However, the two are still going strong and from what we can tell, are doing just fine.


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