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Britney Spears has been very open about her struggles with mental health issues following her infamous meltdown in 2007. Last year, the singer checked herself into a mental health facility after dealing with emotional stress. Since then, the tabloids have concocted incorrect stories about the singer and her journey to stay healthy. Most of these claims have been corrected by Gossip Cop. We’ve gathered a few times these unreliable publications were wrong about Spears’ mental health.

Sam Ashgari Dumped Britney Spears While She Was In Rehab?

In April of last year, the National Enquirer claimed Spears was dumped by her boyfriend, Sam Asghari during her stay at the rehabilitation facility. The often untrustworthy paper contended Ashgari wanted out of his relationship with the pop star and wasn’t “thrilled” about "nursing" the singer back to from the brink. A supposed "source" told the magazine Ashgari was also overwhelmed with the prospect of having to take care of Spears sons, Sean and Jayden. Gossip Cop investigated the sketchy story and found it to be untrue. Ashgari was very supportive of Spears’ determination to get better and shared his admiration for her in an Instagram post. Also, the personal trainer wouldn't have to worry about Spears' sons since they were staying with father, Kevin Federline, while the singer was being treated.

Britney's Electroshock Therapy?

A few days later, the Globe purported Spears was going to be subjected to electroshock therapy. The unreliable paper alleged the singer was fighting for her sanity in a psych ward where she was heavily medicated and could get “brain-frying electroshock treatments." The outlet further maintained the singer and her family were thinking of this extreme option if her condition didn’t improve. The story was degrading and misleading. The magazine first pulled it’s readers in with the headline, "Britney's Electroshock Nightmare," but then alleged the singer could get the treatment. Gossip Cop also found no evidence to support this manufactured tale, which is why we busted it at the time.

Britney Struggles During Current Lock Down

About a month ago, Star magazine claimed Spears was “struggling” during the current quarantine. The publication poked fun at Spears's mental health problems by quoting an unnamed source who stated the singer was “wacky and a bit out there.” From there, the fabricated insider further alleged the singer was having a hard time adjusting to being on lockdown and was “lonely and bored,” leading her to reach out to people virtually. Gossip Cop corrected the story by pointing out that yes it may be difficult for the singer to be inside the house like everyone else, but she wasn’t lonely or bored. The singer was spending plenty of time with Ashgari.

Britney Spears Suffered From Memory Loss?

Even before the singer checked into a mental health facility, the tabloid’s made ridiculous claims about Spears’ health. Two years ago, the Enquirer alleged Spears was suffering from memory loss. The paper purported the "Lucky" singer’s brain was “broken” and had gone blank. A supposed source snitched to the supermarket magazine that Spears wad forgetting stuff at an alarming rate which sparked concern among her friends and family. The phony premise was concocted after Spears forget Andy Cohen’s name when he was invited on stage during her concert in New York. Honestly, it was a mistake that even Cohen wasn’t fazed by. Plus, there were no other instances where Spears was seen “forgetting” anything. Gossip Cop dispelled this bogus story when it came out.

Mental health illness is no joke and just because someone is open about their struggles with it, doesn’t make them a target for trashy stories. Britney Spears is no exception. Perhaps the tabloids could be kinder to the singer during her journey.


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