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If two exes attend the same Christmas party, it’s not usually a cause for alarm. When those exes names are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, however, then the entire world will lose its mind. Last year, the Interview with the Vampire star attended his ex-wife’s Christmas party, and as you’d expect, the tabloid press had a field day. Here are some stories Gossip Cop investigated stemming from that party.

Pitt And Aniston: Dating Again

In the least surprising tabloid conclusion of all time, In Touch claimed that Pitt and Aniston were dating again. The two “even briefly made out in front of guests. Some were so happy for them, they were cheering!” A so-called insider said that the two had been dating for a few months in secret, so the Christmas party was a great way “to tell everyone at once. Brad even made a toast to Jen, telling her it's always been her.” A rep for Pitt said that the Meet Joe Black star was not “dating anyone.” Tabloids run this exact story every time the two hang out. Aniston and Pitt are on good terms, but they’re not dating.

Now They’re Engaged

NW took this narrative one step further when it said that Aniston and Pitt weren’t just dating again, but they were actually already engaged. The Fight Club star was motivated to ask Aniston to marry him after his child Shiloh told him to he should: “It was a very emotional realization for both Brad and Shiloh that he needed to let himself love again. They went shopping for a ring together. Shiloh seems excited to welcome Jen into her family." Gossip Cop has no idea why this tabloid evoked Shiloh in its bogus story. We once again explained — say it with us now — Aniston and Pitt are on much better terms than they were initially after their divorce, but they’re not dating.

That Was Quick, They’re Already Married

New Idea claimed it wasn’t a Christmas party, but actually a secret wedding party and that Aniston and Pitt were married again. This story came about because Aniston’s wedding to Justin Theroux had been kept under the guise that it was her birthday party, so this tabloid speculated “that history could be repeating itself.” An alleged tipster said, “All Jen wants is to be Mrs. Pitt again and to start the new year off as his wife. The Christmas party would have been the perfect disguise to make her dream happen with the utmost privacy and discretion." Gossip Cop thinks Aniston wants more in her life than to just be her ex-husband’s wife again. This story was completely false, as the two are not back together. Reps for both stars confirmed that there was no romance involved.

Kids Are In Tow

In the Woman’s Day version of this story, Aniston was spending her entire Christmas with Pitt and his kids. A dubious source said, “To have both Jen and the kids by his side is something [Pitt’s] been dreaming of for such a long time.” Aniston was “Jen was instrumental in helping Brad win the custody fight,” which is actually not true. Aniston had nothing to do with Pitt’s custody battle. She also didn’t spend more than a Christmas party with Pitt over the holiday season, so this was yet another bogus story.


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