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Tristan Thompson is not "ditching" Khloe Kardashian in L.A., despite a new report. The misguided, untrue story claims the Cleveland Cavaliers player is "rushing back to Ohio" due to LeBron James signing with the Lakers. Gossip Cop can bust the allegations.

According to RadarOnline, Thompson has "tried to make it seem he's happy in Los Angeles shacking up" with Kardashian, but "it's all a big facade." It's specifically alleged the NBA player "can't wait to get back to Ohio, and he is using LeBron James' recent departure from the Cavs to make his case."

"He told Khloe now that Bron's gone, it's his team and he's got to get back to Cleveland immediately to lift the boys up," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. The site maintains the "ploy has worked," with Kardashian being "supportive" of Thompson's supposed decision. Contends the alleged tipster, "Khloe understood and agreed with Tristan and he's wrapping things up and heading home soon."

But there's clear evidence the athlete isn't "rushing back to Ohio" at all. James signed with the Lakers on Sunday, and since then, his now former teammate hasn't made any effort to "get back to Cleveland immediately." Rather, Thompson took a trip to Toronto, his hometown, where he dined with friends at STK. And on Tuesday, Thompson was house-hunting in Los Angeles with a realtor.

Thompson's jaunt to Canada shows returning to Cleveland hasn't been a priority, and his time looking at homes in L.A. indicates he still intends to put down roots on the West Coast for the summer. All of this disproves the website's tale about "ditching" Kardashian and staying in Ohio. He'll head back to Cleveland eventually for the new NBA season, but he obviously isn't going "immediately." And this isn't the first time the blog has spread misinformation about the stars' living arrangements.

In fact, in early May, the outlet was wrong when it tried peddling the opposite narrative, wrongly claiming Kardashian was "ditching" Thompson in Cleveland and moving to L.A. with their baby. In actuality, she stayed put and didn't head back to Los Angeles until mid-June. And when Kardashian did return to L.A., she did so with Thompson by her side, as opposed to "ditching" him.

The online publication also showed its reporting is off-base when it falsely alleged last month that Thompson "banned" Kardashian from the NBA Finals. Hours after that tale was peddled, the reality star was photographed at Game 3. That the site's stories about Kardashian and Thompson are repeatedly proven to be untrue with clear, readily available evidence shows that RadarOnline is not credible when it comes to the couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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