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Did Tristan Thompson really give Khloe Kardashian a "list of demands"? A report claims the NBA player has new rules for their relationship in the wake of his cheating scandal. But Gossip Cop can bust this untrue story.

Though Thompson was unfaithful to Kardashian throughout her pregnancy, the couple is staying together and hoping to move forward as they raise their daughter True. But RadarOnline is now claiming that after they decided to stick it out, he "slapped" Kardashian with a "shocking list of demands" and "amped up his controlling behavior." According to a so-called "family insider" quoted by the site, Thompson set these stipulations "in return for staying in Khloe's life in the long-term."

"Khloe's desperate to work this out, so Tristan's in the driving seat right now," claims the supposed source. So, what are Thompson's alleged relationship requirements? The purported tipster contends the athlete will only stay with Kardashian if her family "stops spreading stories" about him and he gets "cut into Khloe's portion of profits" from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." In addition, the blog's questionable insider maintains he "wants Khloe to let him see True any time he wants," even if that means she needs to "fly out to meet him where he is."

Thompson is described as having a "'you owe me' attitude," as he "continues to insist he's done nothing wrong" and puts the "blame" on the Kardashian clan for "exaggerating his womanizing and trying to ruin his reputation." Should she not comply with these "demands," the website's alleged snitch claims Thompson is "willing to walk away." Consequently, the "KUWTK" star is said to be "actually considering some" of these supposed "ultimatums."

But the only aspect of this story that is correct is that Kardashian and Thompson are indeed back together and staying as a couple in the wake of his infidelity. That said, she is actually the one calling the shots right now, and, contrary to this narrative, he has been remorseful for his actions. E! Online, which airs "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and often serves as a de facto mouthpiece for the famous family, reports in a story about Kardashian giving Thompson another chance that she has "definitely set guidelines and boundaries for their new chapter."

Thompson, meanwhile, has "promised many things to Khloe, and is trying to make her happy again," notes the outlet, explaining how he "knows his actions are embarrassing and hurtful" and he's been "trying very hard to repair the relationship." In other words, what's actually going on is the exact opposite of what RadarOnline is claiming. That was the case just a few days ago, too.

The site claimed Kardashian was "ditching Thompson" and moving back to Los Angeles after deciding to end their romance. As Gossip Cop rightly noted last week, that narrative was completely false. Tellingly, the blog has now abandoned those allegations and makes no mention of them in this new piece about the pair staying together, only if she follows his "demands." Suffice it to say, the website didn't have accurate, real insight a few days ago and still doesn't now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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