Tristan Thompson Did NOT “Ban” Khloe Kardashian From NBA Finals, Despite Claim

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Tristan Thompson Banned Khloe Kardashian Basketball Games

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Tristan Thompson Banned Khloe Kardashian Basketball Games

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Tristan Thompson did not “ban” Khloe Kardashian from attending the NBA Finals, despite a claim. On the contrary, she was at Game 3 on Wednesday. Gossip Cop can easily debunk the clearly wrong report.

Just a few hours before the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Golden State Warriors at the Quicken Loans Arena in Ohio, RadarOnline declared, “Khloe, you’re gonna have to sit this one out.” The site alleged Thompson “banned” Kardashian “from attending his Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Warriors on June 6 because it ‘stresses him out’ to see her courtside.” A so-called “source” claimed, “Tristan told Khloe not to come to his game tonight in Cleveland.”

“He’s stressed out and seeing her at the game would only add to that,” continued the site’s supposed source, who further contended, “Whenever Khloe’s at his games, he can’t focus. Warriors players especially love talk[ing] trash to him on the court about her and he’s not needing all these distractions.” The blog even insisted Thompson was “coming up with excuses to make his baby’s mother stay at home and not attend his game.” But all of this was proven false when Kardashian did indeed watch the game in person.

An official NBA/Getty Images photo shows the reality star walking in the sports venue surrounded by fans and security. The caption specifically notes, “Khloe Kardashian looks on after Game Three of the 2018 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers on June 6, 2018 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.” Dressed in a shirt touting the “2018 Finals,” the “KUWTK” star wasn’t undercover or hiding from the cameras, either. In a photo shared on Twitter, Kardashian is seen happily posing with fans in the stands. TMZ even reports Kardashian got “VIP treatment” and “backstage access” at the finals game.

This is now the second year in a row it has been wrongly alleged Kardashian is “banned” from Cleveland Cavaliers games. Last year’s bogus rumor was started by MediaTakeOut, which claimed without evidence that LeBron James told Thompson to keep her away during the playoffs. Just one day later, though, Kardashian was at the game, and she’s continued to regularly go to games since then. As multiple pictures showed, Kardashian was welcome at the NBA Finals in 2017, and is still welcome in 2018, regardless of any problems she may be having with Thompson.

It’s not surprising RadarOnline was so off-base with this tale, as its articles on the couple often turn out to be bogus. Just two weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the website for falsely claiming Kardashian and Thompson have “secret plans to elope.” We were proven right when E! Online later reported she is “not rushing” into marriage or discussing wedding plans at all.

Conclusion: The site claims Thompson “banned” Kardashian from attending Game 3 of the NBA Finals, but she was at the game, as photos show. In fact, she even posed with fans. It is apparent for anyone to see then that she was not actually prohibited from attending. This clear-cut case warrants a zero on our rumor meter.


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