Trevor Noah: “In Donald Trump’s World, Honesty Does Not Apply” – Watch “The View” Video

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Trevor Noah The View

By Shari Weiss |

Trevor Noah The View


Trevor Noah discussed Donald Trump, James Comey, controversial comedy and free speech on “The View” on Monday. Check out the video below.

Upon joining the panelists, Joy Behar kicked off the chat by saying it seems like comedy is under attack right now. “Has it ever not been?” Noah asked. He went on to argue against her suggestion that all comedy is being shut down during Trump’s administration. “I think we have to be careful saying it’s all comedians everywhere all the time,” he said, noting, “There are a lot of comedians who are not getting into hot water.”

He further said comedians aren’t getting “censored,” but facing “backlash,” which provides learning moments. “And shouldn’t there be consequences for free speech? I think that’s the mistake people make,” the host of “The Daily Show” said. He further pointed out, “In America, I find a lot of the times people conflate freedom of speech with consequence-free. Freedom of speech means the government will not come after you.”

As the discussion continued, Noah was asked for his take on Comey’s hearing, as well as the way Trump has tried to spin the testimony in his favor. “I honestly feel like we are living in two different worlds. The rules and the scrutiny James Comey, and to be honest, anyone in the government is put under, is not the same scrutiny the president is put under,” he said, adding, “In Donald Trump’s world, gravity and honesty does not apply.”

He expressed appreciation for Comey as someone doing “the job the best way they thought they knew how,” but called it interesting “to see how people then contorted it.” As for the ongoing debate about whether Trump’s “I hope” statement to Comey was a directive, Noah commented, “If my mom or grandmother said ‘I hope you do something,’ you better do something.”

The South African comedian went on to share a crazy story about almost getting himself deported at the Mexican border. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Noah previously appeared on “The View” in February. Watch the new video below.

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