Trent Harmon “Lay Me Down” “American Idol” Video: Watch Hollywood Week Performance Here!

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Trent Harmon Lay Me Down American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Trent Harmon Lay Me Down American Idol Video


Trent Harmon was seriously sick during “American Idol” season 15’s “Hollywood Week,” but you wouldn’t know it from his chill-inducing performance of “Lay Me Down” on Wednesday’s show. Check out the video below!

Harmon, who once auditioned for “The Voice,” was one of nearly 200 contestants to get golden tickets for the “farewell season” of “Idol.” Upon arriving in Los Angeles, he and the other contenders were first tasked with doing solo performances. For Harmon, it should’ve been a breeze… except for the fact that he was suffering from mononucleosis.

The fever-stricken aspiring star got the news just 20 minutes before he had to take the stage, amplifying the stress of the situation. “They said, ‘Trent, you got full-blown mono. You need to go rest or if you can come home early, you need to do that,'” Harmon recounted to the cameras. But though he said his voice was getting “weaker and weaker,” he managed to give a standout performance of Sam Smith’s moving ballad.

Then, after a fake-out from the judges, Harmon was stunned to find out he made it through to the next round. Other memorable contestants that got the go-ahead with him included Emily Brooke and Poh. Watch below!


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