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A story alleging Travis Scott is "furious" over Tyga supposedly sending a "congratulatory note" to Kylie Jenner was made-up. There is no love triangle going on, despite claims from one outlet that seems to double as a fabrication factory. Gossip Cop can bust this latest report.

Throughout Jenner's pregnancy, HollywoodLife repeatedly peddled articles involving Tyga, even though she was expecting a baby with Scott. The website insisted again and again that the reality star was having relationship problems with Scott, and even alleged Jenner had "regrets" over getting pregnant with Scott's baby instead of Tyga's. Gossip Cop busted the bogus narrative, and we were proven right when Jenner released a YouTube video documenting her pregnancy and love for Scott.

But the blog still wants readers to believe Jenner is juggling two men. And HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, is claiming to have "exclusive details on why" Scott is "keeping an eye" on Tyga. A so-called "source close to Kylie" alleges that in the wake of her daughter's birth, her ex sent a "short, sweet" note via text in which he said "he misses her and hopes he gets to meet the baby." This same "source" contends Jenner and Scott then had a "big argument over" over it. It's claimed, "Travis was furious by the message from her ex and told Kylie that she needs to tell Tyga to stay away from my baby."

Of course, no reputable outlets have reported anything about Jenner receiving congratulations from Tyga. Nor have any credible publications said the former couple is still in touch, or that their communication is causing drama with Scott. These stories have come consistently from HollywoodLies, without any substantiation whatsoever. And in contrast, a recent People story detailed how Jenner's relationship with Scott is more mature than the one she shared with Tyga. Notably, there was no mention of the three parties now being involved in any sort of love triangle in that article, and nothing was said about Jenner still carrying a torch for her former flame.

Gossip Cop understands that Jenner and Tyga's on-and-off relationship was a hot topic for years. As soon as she began seeing Scott last year, they became a much-talked about celebrity coupling as well. Interest in that pairing then skyrocketed in September when it was revealed they had a baby on the way. And now that their daughter has arrived, the spotlight on them is shining as bright as ever. But it's precisely because of the attention surrounding this trio of stars that HollywoodLies has been concocting phony "exclusives" about them.

It's quite apparent that the online publication is merely trying to exploit the news value associated with their names. This isn't about reporting. It isn't about real celebrity journalism. If it were, HollywoodLies wouldn't have spent months questioning whether Jenner was really pregnant. And if the website was actually in-the-know, it wouldn't be proven wrong on a near daily basis.

Unfortunately, In Touch considered none of this before picking up the blog's claims and blaring on its own site, "Travis Scott 'Furious' at Kylie Jenner's Ex Tyga — 'Stay Away From My Baby.'" Mind you, this is the same tabloid that falsely alleged Scott "dumped" Jenner last October. The gossip media often trades in fictitious scandals about popular celebrities, which is why stories are like these are made-up and later proven to be inaccurate.

Now Gossip Cop is told on background by an impeccable Kardashian-Jenner insider that no "source close to Kylie" spilled about a Tyga-centric fight with Scott. The new mom and dad are in parenthood bliss right now, not worrying about her ex-boyfriend. HollywoodLies and its ilk should give it a rest.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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