Story About How Travis Scott “Spoils” Kylie Jenner During Pregnancy Is Fake News

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Travis Scott Spoiling Kylie Jenner Pregnancy

By Holly Nicol |

Travis Scott Spoiling Kylie Jenner Pregnancy

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A new report claiming to know how Travis Scott is “spoiling” Kylie Jenner during her pregnancy is nothing more than a fabrication. Gossip Cop can correct this bogus tale. We’re told it’s “made-up.”

According to the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife, the rapper is “going above and beyond” to make sure his girlfriend is comfortable during her pregnancy. In a rather obvious statement, a so-called “source” is then quoted as saying, “Travis has been showering [Jenner] with gifts, jewelry and flowers. They are totally in love and the pregnancy has only brought them closer together.” The almost assuredly fake “insider” adds, “Travis has even been giving Kylie foot massages at night too, which she can’t get enough of.”

The perpetually disproven website goes on to quote its alleged “source,” claiming that “Travis is clearing his tour dates and schedule for the spring so he can be present with Kylie for the birth of their child.” The outlet’s clearly non-existent tipster further purports, “He can’t stop talking about all the things he is going to teach his baby, he can’t wait to become a father.”

But as Gossip Cop has previously noted, no one remotely close to either star is feeding the repeatedly discredited website with information about Jenner’s pregnancy. Remember, we corrected HollywoodLies, a nickname its earned because of its penchant for telling lies, when it pretended to have “exclusive” information about how Kim Kardashian was “protecting” Jenner during her pregnancy.

Not surprisingly, the outlet’s latest claim is similarly bogus. A Kardashian insider tells Gossip Cop the tale is simply “made-up.” While it’s not entirely out of the question to assume the rapper is showering his pregnant girlfriend with gifts, no one in the family’s trusted inner circle is talking to the site about the couple. And as is usually the case with HollywoodLife’s stories, the webloid is just pretending to have Kardashian and Jenner “sources.”

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