Was Kylie Jenner worried that her ex-boyfriend Tyga could possibly be the father of her daughter, Stormi, rather than Travis Scott? One tabloid made that unbelievable claim. Gossip Cop investigated the rumors and came to our own conclusion.

“Kylie’s Baby Daddy Nightmare” screamed the headline from In Touch. “A storm is brewing over Stormi’s paternity,” the disreputable outlet insisted, claiming that Jenner’s recent split from Travis Scott and the fact that she was spotted in a location heavily associated with her ex Tyga caused rumors about Stormi’s paternity to resurface.

After a night out partying with pals Stassi Karanikolaou and Kelsey Calemine, Jenner was spotted ducking into the Sunset Marquis, a hotel that also happens to house the recording studio where Tyga was working that night. The sudden visit to an old flame coupled with Jenner’s recent break up with Travis Scott resurrected the rumors that Tyga was actually Stormi’s father.

“It all started because of the timing,” a so-called “source” informed the magazine. “Tyga and Kylie broke up, then nine months later she gave birth to Stormi. What people don’t realize is that she was already sleeping with Travis.” How could anyone doubt this information, especially when it comes from an unnamed, unverified source who offers no proof other than their own word that what they’re saying is true.

The outlet certainly didn’t doubt it, considering that the article went on to claim, “It’d be her worst nightmare, but Kylie may need to do a paternity test to prove to everyone once and for all that Travis, not Tyga,” is truly Stormi’s father. Another source went on to claim Kylie Jenner was thrilled to be caught hanging out with her ex, since “she knows it drives Travis crazy!” Despite that, Jenner wants to be with Travis. They just have trust issues and she’s tired of his disappearing act," the source concludes.

Ever since rumors about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy first began to circulate, it’s always been speculated that Tyga was the possible father of Jenner’s baby. It’s true, the time between when Jenner and Tyga broke up and when Scott and Jenner got together is pretty slim, but there is about a month between the two events. Also, Stormi’s birthday is February 1, 2018. Not to be indelicate, but that would mean she was conceived sometime in early May or late April.

People reported on April 3, 2017 that Jenner and Tyga had called it quits. By April 25, Jenner and Scott were a bonafide couple, which was practically confirmed by their behavior courtside at the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder NBA game in Houston, Texas. The math simply doesn’t add up for Tyga to be the father, despite In Touch’s insistence. Besides, Scott and his daughter look a lot alike.

Gossip Cop has called this particular outlet out numerous times for their faulty reporting on the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner family. The outlet once claimed Kylie Jenner was planning to spend $30 million on her wedding to Travis Scott. Gossip Cop determined this story was absolutely untrue, and time has proven us right. Jenner and Scott never married, and in fact briefly split a year after the outlet’s prediction of marriage.

More recently, Gossip Cop debunked a story from the magazine reporting that Jenner was facing jail time for her “billion dollar” fraud. We determined that it’s not illegal to allegedly falsify tax documents sent to a media outlet, which meant this story was also totally bogus. It’s safe to say that In Touch should never be trusted to report the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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