Kylie Jenner Boyfriend Travis Scott Does NOT Doubt He’s Stormi’s Dad, Despite Tim Chung Paternity Rumors

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Travis Scott Paternity Stormi

By Holly Nicol |

Travis Scott Paternity Stormi

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Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Travis Scott does not “doubt” he’s Stormi’s dad, despite a slew of stories that claim her bodyguard, Tim Chung, is the father of her baby. Chung himself debunked the claim. And yet In Touch still maintained hours later that Scott was “worried” about the paternity of his daughter.

According to the tabloid, Scott is “starting to doubt Stormi’s paternity” and has begun wondering if “he is the little girl’s father” following online speculation that Jenner’s handsome bodyguard is Stormi’s real dad. A so-called “source” tells the magazine the rapper is “a little worried and questioning Kylie about this whole bodyguard situation.” The same, conveniently unnamed and untraceable “insider” contends, “[Scott] can’t help but notice that she doesn’t look like him.” The tabloid’s questionable “source” is further quoted as saying, “He wonders if Kylie strayed,” before adding, “He flat out wants to talk to Kylie and Tim, together, to once and for all get to the bottom of this.”

Of course, the rapper has never questioned the paternity of his daughter since he and the makeup mogul have been in love since they began dating a little more than a year ago. Ironically, the same tabloid falsely and conversely claimed a few months ago in a cover story that Scott actually cheated on a then-pregnant Jenner. Naturally, that untrue narrative is not mentioned in the magazine’s latest article. The reality is, as Jenner’s post-birth YouTube video clearly showed, she and Scott have been a cohesive unit throughout their relationship.

More significantly, though, hours before In Touch published its tall tale, the bodyguard himself took to social media to put an end to the rumors once and for all. On Saturday, Chung shared in a post on Instagram that while he would “normally never answer to gossip and stories that are so ridiculous… Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter together and their families… my interactions with Kylie and her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity only.” The bodyguard also begged “the media [to] no longer include” him in “any narrative that is incredibly disrespectful” to Jenner and her family.

Either the tabloid doesn’t fact-check its claims or vet its supposed sources before publishing articles or it simply doesn’t care. The net result is that it posted a wholly false story, while the truth was already out there. And while unnecessary, given that the subject of the rumors himself debunked the paternity rumors, a member within Scott’s own camp still assures Gossip Cop there was “never a question or concern” because the premise is just “silly.”

As noted above, the gossip magazine’s track record with Jenner and Scott is not exactly great. In October, for instance, Gossip Cop busted the outlet when it falsely reported Scott dumped Jenner while pregnant with their baby girl. It’s clear the only doubt should be about the tabloid’s sources.


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