Are Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Married?

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Travis Scott Kylie Jenner Married

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Travis Scott Kylie Jenner Married

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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are not married. But one year ago today, a tabloid falsely announced the couple “secretly” tied the knot in an “intimate ceremony.” Time has since proven Gossip Cop’s debunking was correct.

On June 7, 2017, we called out Life & Style for untruthfully claiming Scott and Jenner exchanged vows at her Calabasas mansion. The magazine purported to have details on the wedding, such as contending a group of friends were there to witness the nuptials, and even asserting the rapper’s song “Goosebumps” provided the soundtrack for their union. Suspiciously, the outlet maintained Kendall Jenner was the only family member in attendance, with the rest of the famous clan left out of the loop.

“Kylie didn’t tell [mom] Kris or most of her family about the wedding because she knew they’d all panic and react negatively,” a supposed source was quoted as saying. But the publication still alleged Jenner planned to share her big day with the world. Instead of having “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cameras rolling, it was contended the reality star used iPhones to document the wedding, with plans to share the footage on “Life of Kylie,” her then-upcoming E! spinoff.

But contacts connected to both Jenner and Scott assured Gossip Cop they hadn’t gotten married. That became evident when none of the eight “Life of Kylie” episodes showcased a wedding. In fact, their relationship wasn’t a focal point of the show at all, which aired from August through September of 2017. Of course, just days after the season finale, it was revealed Scott and Jenner were in fact taking a big step forward in their relationship, but not one involving saying “I do.”

As confirmed in late September, Jenner was expecting their first child, whom she then gave birth to in February of 2018. But despite growing closer through their daughter, getting married still hasn’t been a part of the couple’s plans. In late April, People reported that although Scott was had stepped up in the dad department, there hadn’t been any talk of an engagement. And last month, E! Online deemed Jenner and Scott “stronger than ever,” but stressed, “They are in no rush to get married or even engaged.”

It’s evident Scott and Jenner weren’t secretly married on June 7, 2017, and it’s evident they still aren’t now on June 7, 2018. What is also significant about this apparently fabricated cover story is that it came less than six months after Life & Style similarly claimed Jenner married Tyga in a “secret ceremony.” So egregiously wrong was that allegation, Gossip Cop named it one of our top rumors of 2017. Notably, the tabloid has still yet to issue a correction or apology for either huge marriage flub.


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