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A story about Travis Scott being "protective" of baby Stormi, making Kylie Jenner "love" him more, was wholly fabricated. In fact, not only can Gossip Cop confirm it was made-up, but it also contradicts other manufactured articles about the couple and their child. Check out the screengrabs below.

Throughout Jenner's pregnancy, HollywoodLife insisted Scott was not going to be a suitable father or co-parent (see headlines below). The website posted story after story with fictional "sources" and "insiders" maligning the rapper's character. In these made-up tales, the blog also accused Scott of not treating Jenner right. One such report from early February was headlined, "Travis Scott Won't Be A 'Model Dad' — He's Not Changing His Life For Kylie Jenner Or Their Baby."

The article was published on February 3; Jenner had already given birth two days prior. Tellingly, though, while peddling this "exclusive," the outlet had no idea Stormi had already arrived and wrote about how Scott was "about to be a parent" and Jenner was "expected to give birth... this month." Yet at the same time, HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, wanted readers to believe it had a "source close to the rapper." Of course, any legitimate "source" would've known about Stormi's delivery and would not have spoken about the family as if they were still awaiting her birth.

On top of that, no one actually connected to Scott would've really told the outlet things like, "Travis isn't planning on radically altering his life... He's really living the high life... Travis never pretended he was going to be the model dad... He's never intended to put his career on ice so he can just sit around at home with her night after night." But being at home most nights with the "KUWTK" star is exactly what he's done since their daughter was born.

In fact, in this People story about how well Jenner and Scott are co-parenting, it was specifically noted, "Travis is able to do his own thing during the day as well, but he helps Kylie out at night." There's actually been multiple credible reports about Scott fulfilling his paternal responsibilities as a father and showing his commitment to his girlfriend and their child.

So now HollywoodLies is reversing course. After months of maintaining Scott would let Jenner down as a boyfriend and father, this is the online publication's latest headline: "Travis Scott Feels 'Protective' Of Daughter Stormi, Which Makes Kylie Jennner [sic] 'Love' Him Even More." It's striking, really, seeing that titled juxtaposed with some of the ones that came before it (below).

According to this new narrative, Stormi's arrival has made Scott a "changed man," and he's a "constant presence" at Jenner's home. Wait a second. Didn't the site previously say two days after her birth that he wouldn't be changing and he wouldn't be around a lot? But here a "source close to Kylie" is quoted as saying, "She loves Travis so much and is super happy that Stormi's birth has flipped a switch within Travis that makes him not only an incredible dad, but all around partner."

This wasn't a matter of flipping a switch. Scott was dedicated to Jenner throughout her pregnancy, as shown in the home video Jenner released earlier this month. What "flipped" was HollywoodLies. When it became apparent that the music star was actually an involved dad, as clearly shown in the video, the outlet flip-flopped and changed its storyline. Of course, if the publication really had inside access to the couple's world, it wouldn't have been so wrong for so long in the first place.

But just like no one in-the-know was really bad-mouthing Scott to HollywoodLies before, no one is suddenly praising him to the website now. Gossip Cop is told by family confidante on background that this newest take is all made-up, just like the previous posts.



Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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